Why Are We Fascinated With Post-Election Romney?
December 04, 2012

This is so much more fun than 2008.

How Mitt Romney Genuinely Fired Up His Followers
November 06, 2012

Mitt Romney actually developed a following of sorts by the end of the campaign. What are we to make of this? A valediction from Ohio.

Mitt the Jerk: a Woman’s View of the Debate
October 17, 2012

Mitt Romney was every man who talks over his female colleagues and won't stop until they yield to let him make his very important point.

In Praise of Presidents Who Aren't Good Family Men
September 05, 2012

Mitt Romney and Barack Obama clash on nearly every important issue, from taxes to abortion to regulation to climate change. Yet both men adore their families, and they make sure we know it too. Throughout his administration, Obama has made reference to his daughters when defending women’s rights or describing a hopeful vision of the future; and the first endorsement that he received at the Democratic convention was, of course, from his wife, Michelle. Romney, for his part, made sure to effusively praise his wife, Ann, during his own acceptance speech.

Mormonism’s Occasionally Unrequited Love For Israel
July 30, 2012

During their trip to Israel this past Sunday, Mitt Romney and his wife Ann, made an unscheduled stop at one of Judaism’s holiest sights, the Western Wall. As is customary, Romney, donning a black yarmulke and bowing his head, spent several solemn minutes at the wall—the largest remnant of the Second Temple, which Roman armies destroyed around 70 CE. Later at a speech in Jerusalem’s Old City, Romney collapsed America’s security interests with those of Israel.

Does NYT Public Editor Read His Own Paper?
March 26, 2012

Ten days ago, the New York Times ran a pretty damning story on its front page: even as Mitt Romney was lambasting President Obama on the trail for being too soft on China's human rights abuses and trade violations, the company he used to run, Bain Capital, was profiting from its ownership of a company, Uniview Technologies, that sells surveillance technology to the Chinese government.

Bright College Years, Sans Salinger
February 24, 2012

Before the week’s out, and while the cheers of the barely 1,000 people arrayed within the Detroit football stadium for Mitt Romney’s big speech today are still ringing in our ears, I wanted to be sure to recommend that everyone read Jason Horowitz’s in-depth Washington Post piece last weekend about Romney’s college years at BYU. This is one of the least-examined chapters in Romney’s life, the years after he returned from his mission in France. Even The Real Romney, the comprehensive new biography by Michael Kranish and Scott Helman, skips relatively quickly through the BYU years.

Mitt Romney, Dove
February 16, 2010

Mitt Romney's book is an attempt to build up some tough guy foreign policy street cred for the GOP primary. Now all that work may be undone: Republican politician Mitt Romney was physically threatened by a violent passenger on an Air Canada flight leaving Vancouver this morning. Mr. Romney, who has been in Vancouver since Friday for the Olympic Winter Games, did not respond to the attack. Instead, he allowed the airline crew to deal with the incident, according to his spokesman Eric Fehrnstrom. Mr.

Straw Man
August 27, 2007

Noam Scheiber on Mitt Romney’s flimsy 2008 campaign.

Stormin' Mormon
November 07, 1994

John Judis on Mitt Romney's 1994 challenge to Ted Kennedy.