Should Young Writers "Wait Their Turn"? This Famous Old Writer Thinks So.
March 30, 2015

Cynthia Ozick's argument makes no sense in today's literary economy.

A Half-Baked Homage to Nicholson Baker
First the 'autobiographical novel,' now 'autobiographical criticism.'
March 24, 2015

Critcism that is as much about the act of writing as the book.

Writing About His Impending Death Has Given Clive James's Poetry New Life
March 22, 2015

His latest colleciton of essays, Poetry Notebook, is a masterful argument for the importance of poetry. 

Never Count on the Supreme Court to Protect Voting Rights
March 21, 2015

History shows that a vigorous Court simply isn't enough to protect voting rights.

A Heretic Grows in Brooklyn
March 18, 2015

The latest installation of the ex-Orthodox genre may be the best book yet. 

How Did Sex Become So Boring?
Once a political act, it's now all about self-discovery
March 16, 2015

Once a political act, it's now all about self-discovery.

Silicon Valley's "Thunder Lizards" Want to "Hack" America's Broken Universities
But are they vultures instead?
March 11, 2015

But are they vultures instead?

The Hannah Arendt Guide to Friendship
March 09, 2015

Arendt’s life illustrates a road not taken, one in which ferocious loyalty to old friends has been replaced by counts of mostly anonymous Facebook friends.

It Doesn't Matter If Your Kid Doesn't Get Into Harvard
March 06, 2015

Using the mind as a means to acquire a corner office is very different from enjoying intellectual activity for its own sake.

Men in Space
The novelist of disenchantment finds meaning.
March 05, 2015

The novelist of disenchantment finds meaning.