Stephen Colbert Is One of Pop Culture's Best Literary Boosters
December 17, 2014

Stephen Colbert's best author interviews.

How Flaubert Changed Literature Forever
December 12, 2014

"Flaubert gave birth to Nabokov on one side and to Hemingway on the other."

The Man Behind the Most Infamous Cartoon of All Time
December 09, 2014

Danish editor Flemming Rose did not know he was going to incite a world debate when he commissioned a now-infamous cartoon of Mohammed. But he stands by it. 

Do the Roots of the Cold War Alliance Lie in Weimar Germany?
December 08, 2014

Turning a well-known metaphor on its head

An Innovative Exploration of Death in Fiction
December 01, 2014

A German novel comes to American shores. 

The Surprisingly Erotic Poetry of Bertolt Brecht
November 23, 2014

Brecht is irresistible in Love Poems, like some disaffected offspring of Petrarch and Catullus reared by the Earl of Rochester.

Girls and Boys Don't Need Separate Books
November 22, 2014

The removal of pointless “keep out signs” based on gender prejudice is a victory.

The National Book Award–Winning 'Redeployment' Shows Just How Impossible It Is to Write a War Story
November 20, 2014

If the war on terror ever had a plot, it seems to have lost it.

How to Fix America's Foreign Policy
November 18, 2014

What Obama should learn from Kissinger's new book.

My Book Is Not About Vampires or Childhood Trauma. I'm Doomed.
November 18, 2014

The problem with literary agents.