This Is What Happens When Historians Overuse the Idea of the Network
October 25, 2013

In the so-called “global turn” in contemporary historiography, it has not been enough simply to study the way Western powers have affected the rest of the world. The task has also been to show how the rest of the world affected the West. And it has been a matter of applying, even to quite distant historical periods, the controlling metaphor of the digital age: the “network.” Yet a remarkable amount is absent as well.

Stop Celebrating Surrogate Motherhood
October 25, 2013

Celebrating surrogate motherhood too excessively is dangerous, too.

How to Succeed as an Author: Give Up on Writing
The rancid smell of 21st century literary success
October 24, 2013

The publishing industry has bounced back. Take in the rancid smell of 21st century literary success.

Three Reasons the Book Industry is Cautiously Optimistic
October 24, 2013

1. The crash is over—just like everywhere else.“The change was probably the same as what affected the rest of the economy,” says a publishing-house exec. “The acquisitions market now feels healthy.”

How Chinese Readers Will Help Save American Publishing
October 24, 2013

When New York Times reporter Charles Duhigg was lining up publicity for his recent book on the science of self-help, one country, in particular, wanted him to visit: South Korea, where The Power of Habit sold 280,000 copies.

Build Your Own Bestseller: Three Idiot-Proof Formulas
October 22, 2013

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The Story of an Israeli Paratrooper Who Reunited Jerusalem and Divided a Nation
October 21, 2013

Forty years ago this month, at the end of the Yom Kippur War, Israel found itself in a precarious position, confronting increasing Arab strength and hostilities from countries from afar.

The Great American Novel: Worth Obsessing About
October 21, 2013

In The New York Times Book Review this Sunday, Jennifer Szalai and Mohsin Hamid tackled the following question: 'Where is the Great American Novel by a Woman?' As Szalai writes:

The Quackish Cult of Alternative Medicine
Dr. Paul Offit's battle against charlatanism
October 19, 2013

Think the government should allow people to medicate themselves and their children however people want to? Think again.