Grown Women Don't Need a 'Best Friend'
July 10, 2014

Why do women feel the need to label their friendships?

The Open Marriage of True Minds
July 09, 2014

Anne Hollander reviews Deidre Bair's Simone de Beauvoir: A Biography.

J.K. Rowling’s New 'Harry Potter' Story Is a Marketing Scam
July 08, 2014

When I finally read the story, after surrendering my name, email address, and birth date, I felt a little conned.

New Technology Doesn't Make Us All Richer
July 06, 2014

We need policies that realign growth and equality.

A Banker, a Scholar, and the Invention of Art History
July 05, 2014

The story of the Warburg brothers.

The Essay That Launched the Term "Mansplaining"
July 04, 2014

Rebecca Solnit's 'Men Explain Things to Me' explains this international scourge.

Wagner's Anti-Semitism Still Matters
July 04, 2014

It helped define European anti-Semitism, especially when it came to Jewish music

The Dangerous Lies We Tell About America's Founding
July 03, 2014

No, the American Revolution didn't begin with the "shot heard round the world." The facts matter.

Revival Revival
July 03, 2014

What explains all the attention that mid-century Blues obsessives are getting lately?

Historians Fought About World War I the Moment It Began. They're Still Fighting.
July 03, 2014

From almost the opening shot, the Great War has been fought over by historians wishing to interpret and understand what happened and why. Their conflict is not over yet.