December 12, 2011

Ned O’Gorman examines four strategies articulated in the early years of the Cold War: containment, massive retaliation, liberation, and deterrence. Si

What is Jewish Literature?
December 08, 2011

Dan Miron, the foremost Israeli critic and scholar of modern Hebrew and Yiddish literature, asks a big question: what is Jewish literature, or to be m

The Border
December 07, 2011

The Berlin Wall was the most visible part of the Iron Curtain but it constituted only a small part of the border that divided the two Germanys—a point

The Individual Soul
December 06, 2011

Writing the story of the Holocaust is a futile ambition—not because the events of 1939 to 1945 are too horrible to be told, but because they are too v

The Road to Slaughter
December 05, 2011

Sean McMeekin argues in this new book that Russia’s real aim all along was to use any and every opportunity finally to gain access to the Mediterranea

The Discoverer
December 01, 2011

Great photography is, to an almost extraordinary degree, the expression of a voracious curiosity. Whether he is studying the geology of Yosemite or th

The Voyage In
November 30, 2011

Alexandra Harris says that “much of Virginia Woolf’s writing life was devoted to … exposing the falsity involved in defining anyone as ‘this’ or ‘that

The Progress of the Nomads
November 29, 2011

The Wandering Falcon is an indelibly nostalgic novel: it honors the slower rhythm of a threatened lifestyle. In Jamil Ahmad’s novel and in real life,