The Hater
November 03, 2011

Reinhard Heydrich might well have been the cruelest among the many cruel National Socialist leaders. Even though Heydrich has entered history as one o

The Vanished City
November 02, 2011

Richard Miles, hoping to give Carthage its due, has attempted to write an objective and comprehensive history of the sea power, from its founding as a

The Unexpected Hero
November 01, 2011

James Garner understands that he created a kind of hero who thinks that aggressive and assertive masculinity is unnecessarily risky, and only a means

The Uncomfortable Questions
October 31, 2011

In this disturbing and well-argued book that was researched and written prior to the Arab Spring, Katerina Dalacoura casts serious doubt on the idea t

Another Bogus Attack on Obamacare
October 30, 2011

Editor's note: On Friday, Jon Cohn wrote about a new House Republican report about the Affordable Care Act -- and why one of its central claims was wrong. Among the sources he cited was Jonathan Gruber, the MIT economist who has advised policy-makers, including some of the ACA's architects. But Gruber found several other flaws in the report. What follows is his analysis. A new report from the House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform is making headlines because of four claims it makes about the Affordable Care Act (ACA). But some of these claims are wrong-headed.

One Right
October 27, 2011

Against nearly all other leftists writing about rightists, Corey Robin believes that there is only one kind of conservatism. Whether expressed in the

The Inventor of Our Politics
October 26, 2011

Richard Brookhiser saves his central argument for his final pages, and it might have been wiser to bring it out more explicitly much earlier. Madison

What Did It Look Like?
October 25, 2011

Illustrating Empire, published by the Bodleian Library at Oxford to accompany its trove of printed historical objects, is full of images that navigate

Casual with the Court
October 24, 2011

Kevin McMahon argues that in looking for justices, Nixon focused on how their appointment and performance would help his own electoral prospects. the