Out of Many
November 21, 2011

As Desmond King and Rogers Smith argue in Still a House Divided, President Obama has thus far skillfully avoided taking a firm position on affirmative

The Overworked Court
November 17, 2011

The statement that “‘overwork’ requires a major change in the jurisdictional authority of the Supreme Court suffers from what Churchill used to call ‘

Gingrich 0, Obama 0
November 17, 2011

When children’s books evade uncomfortable truths and whitewash the history of what is real, they betray their audience. In addition to manipulating ch

The Call to Order
November 16, 2011

One closes this book feeling more than a little mentally repelled. Nobody who spends a goodly part of their leisure-time walking the English landscape

Praying with Ghosts
November 15, 2011

Jonathan Boyarin’s deeply felt account of the summer he spent a few years ago tending to the needs of an embattled little shul in the heart of the Low

The Singer, Not the Song
November 14, 2011

Harry Belafonte's autobiography is important, even if not exactly spellbinding. With the awareness that Belafonte was a Race Man, one might expect his

The Unexamined Socrates
November 10, 2011

Paul Johnson’s Socrates aims to remove the mystery. Johnson writes in a robust, bluff tone. As he summarizes Socrates’s life and thought, he doesn’t m

The Hermaphrodite
November 09, 2011

The Marriage Plot By Jeffrey Eugenides (Farrar, Straus and Giroux, 406 pp., $28) Women write about love and marriage; men write about everything else. Like all truisms, this one is best served with a heaping spoonful of caveats, but they don’t alter its essential flavor. Just “look at all the books,” as Jeffrey Eugenides’s new novel exhorts the reader in its very first line.