The Chin Abides
January 26, 2010

At long last our national nightmare is over: Jay Leno is headed back to his spot atop “The Tonight Show,” and Conan O’Brien—more adorably known these days as Coco—has left the building with his gazillion-dollar consolation prize, quite possibly to set up shop at Fox. Who would have imagined the battle between two filthy-rich late-night gabbers could command so much public attention, overshadowing even our obsessions with Jon Gosselin’s love life and Tiger Woods’s compulsion to play hide-the-putter with cocktail waitresses?

For the Love of Culture
January 26, 2010

Can American culture survive Google?

If You Can't Make It on Idol...
January 22, 2010

Who needs Simon Cowell when your daddy wins himself a Senate seat and becomes the hot new hope of the GOP? This press alert just in from CBS: Ayla Brown, former American Idol contestant and daughter of Massachusetts political phenom Scott Brown, will demonstrate her vocal stylings "exclusively" on The Early Show next Tuesday. How cute is that?

The Disaster Pool
January 19, 2010

Anderson Cooper was one of the first reporters to arrive in Haiti after last week’s massive earthquake. According to a Los Angeles Times account, the CNN personality raced to the airport upon hearing the news and caught the last flight out of New York. Unfortunately, the flight he caught deposited him in the Dominican Republic, not Haiti. That forced him to catch a lift the following morning on a government helicopter, which nearly collided with a plane in the congested skies above Port-au-Prince. As it happens, though, Cooper’s epic journey to Haiti was fairly typical among journalists.

Today's Wehner Fallacy Winner
January 15, 2010

Charles Krauthammer! The winning entry is Krauthammer's column in today's Washington Post, which spends roughly 700 words gloating over the decline in Obama's poll ratings as a function of his wild liberalism, without a single reference to unemployment: What went wrong? A year ago, he was king of the world. Now President Obama's approval rating, according to CBS, has dropped to 46 percent -- and his disapproval rating is the highest ever recorded by Gallup at the beginning of an (elected) president's second year.

CBS Owns Showtime, Showtime Partners With Oliver Stone, Oliver Stone Is a Historical Fabricator ... And Hates Democracy Besides
January 12, 2010

And Showtime is about to present, in a ten-part miniseries, Oliver Stone’s “Secret History of America.” Don’t you wonder why, if Stone (and Michael Moore, for that matter) is right about the evils of capitalism, an enormous capitalist corporation has produced--and will now show--what is, almost by self-advertisement, a nutcase reconstruction of the American past, focusing on its enemies, who he seems to think have been traduced by historians? Someone named Jackson Creswell, from a website called Collider, seems to think that Stone “revel[s] in political controversy ...

Bad Timing For The Palin-Is-Brilliant Crowd
January 11, 2010

Another funny aspect of that bizarre Commentary piece by Jennifer Rubin castigating Jews for spurning Sarah Palin is its timing. The article, naturally, contends that Palin is far more intellectual and informed about politics than the Jews understand: Palin’s intellectual unfitness in the eyes of Jews was exaggerated during the course of the campaign as they, like other Americans, received an incomplete image of her abilities and talents.

Calling All Psychologically Damaged Babes!
December 15, 2009

Just when you thought reality TV couldn't get any ickier, WaPo's Lisa de Moraes tells us that the CW network is trolling for women (translation: hot, 20-something women) with a range of mental illnesses sufficiently entertaining to sustain a reality series. Think: anorexia, bulimia, rage issues, shopping addiction, and--the holy grail--sex addiction. And, oh yes, ideally the specimens involved will lead double lives, fooling friends and co-workers by day only to cut loose with their naughty and compulsive behaviors under cover of darkness. Somebody should burn in hell for this.

Did Lieberman Double-Cross Reid?
December 13, 2009

 Watch CBS News Videos Online On Sunday morning, Senator Joe Lieberman announced on CBS "Face the Nation" that he would "have a hard time voting for" a reform bill if it allowed some workers over 55 to buy Medicare coverage.

The Goldilocks Strategy
December 03, 2009

WASHINGTON--President Obama has bought himself some time on Afghanistan and lived up to his promise to seek policies that fit into no one's philosophical pigeonholes. He has also split his own party, diminished the enthusiasm of his natural allies, yet earned himself no lasting credit with his domestic adversaries. By these measures, Obama's surge-and-wind-down strategy is both gutsy and politically risky. This view flies in the face of the common description of his Tuesday night address as a carefully balanced political appeal.