Why America Took So Long to Wake Up to the Truth About Bill Cosby
November 19, 2014

While the rapes were allegedly happening, he was telling white America the story it wanted to hear about itself.

Clay Aiken Won't Sing for Your Vote
August 11, 2014

But this American Idol will do just about anything else to win.

Taylor Swift May Be Right About the Death of the Autograph
July 11, 2014

And serious autograph collectors are not happy about it.

This Year's Emmy Nominations Are Same Old, Same Old
July 10, 2014

Tatiana Maslany! The Good Wife! The Americans!

Chelsea Clinton Made $600,000 a Year at NBC. That Upset a Lot of Male Journalists.
June 13, 2014

Stop whining jealously about one woman's impressive paycheck and focus on the bigger issues at hand.

Alec Baldwin Hates the Paparazzi. What Do They Think of Themselves?
February 24, 2014

Well, for starters, they don't think they're doing anything wrong. 

The Four Stages of Fame: How Celebrities Learn to Accept—and Regret—Their Popularity
January 16, 2014

It starts with a love-hate relationship with yourself.

John Cusack and Maggie Gyllenhaal Get Angry in a Political Ad About NSA Surveillance
October 24, 2013

Privacy and celebrity aren't particularly well-acquainted concepts. But actors Maggie Gyllenhaal and John Cusack appear in a new PSA video calling for an end to NSA surveillance practices.

America's Most Prolific Jailhouse Lawyer and His Many Fans
July 12, 2013

Behind bars, Jonathan Lee Riches was offline. He still became an Internet Celebrity. 

Julian Assange Basks in Edward Snowden's Spotlight
June 24, 2013

When Edward Snowden revealed the scope of the National Security Agency’s domestic surveillance programs earlier this month, he seemed more than comfortable speaking for himself.