China's Government Is Scaring Foreign Journalists Into Censoring Themselves
December 09, 2013

“The visa question has insidious ways of sowing the seeds of self-censorship,” Dorinda Elliott, the global affairs editor at Condé Nast Traveler, wrote on ChinaFile last month.

Behind China’s Cyber Curtain
December 05, 2013

On the bus ride from Chengdu, the teeming capital of Sichuan Province, to Aba County in northern Sichuan, my cell phone signal flickered in and out.

What Does a Chinese Political Gaffe Look Like?
December 05, 2013

Not the same as Joe Biden's

Here's How Chinese Censorship Works
December 03, 2013

Bloomberg News isn't the only one baffled by the country's capricious regulations.

I Survived China's 'Singles Day,' the World's Loneliest Holiday
November 19, 2013

A dating ritual in a country of only children. What could go wrong?

China's One-Child Policy Has Had Some Surprising Consequences for Kids
November 15, 2013

What your child would be like in a country of only children

One Man, 1.7 Million Square Meters
November 06, 2013

The slogan of the New Century Global Center, the recently completed largest building in the world by floor space, sounds at first like a Chinglish-y misfire: “The One of Everything.” But as I spent a day wandering around the structure, located in Che

The Government Shutdown Means China Will Rule the World! Or Something.
October 09, 2013

In a creeping sign that Politico-ish news coverage has migrated to the international pages, The New York Times ran several articles over the past week about how the government shutdown, which resulted in President Obama cancelling his trip to Asia, m

Disgusting Toilets and the Future of China
October 08, 2013

What one American writer learned at Beijing Design Week 2013