March 11, 2014

The Confessions of David Remnick
The New Yorker editor on difficult writers, Obama's shortcomings, and learning from Anna Wintour
8:00 PM

The editor of the New Yorker talks Russia, Obama, and whether he is creating cultural serfdom online.

March 10, 2014

The Fukushima Fearmongers
What unites the left and right: a radioactive plume headed for the West Coast

Welcome to the first major nuclear disaster of the Internet age. 

What True Detective's Critics Miss About the Finale
6:43 PM

This is still a dark show with two troubled characters.

Look Who Supports Same-Sex Marriage Now

Sixty-one percent of young Republicans now support same-sex marriage.

Remembering Sherwin Nuland, a Surgeon Who Healed With Words
5:28 PM

Like the great doctors he admired and wrote so well about, Dr. Nuland was the consummate healer.

'Youth Bias' Makes Us Think the Most Important Events Happen When We're Young
12:06 PM

A new study shows that our sense of what's important skews toward youth. 

March 09, 2014

Why the 'True Detective' Finale Worked
10:29 PM

A brillaint end to a brilliant show.

The 'True Detective' Finale Was the Most Infernally Disturbing of All the Episodes
10:17 PM

In the end, the show confirmed that wild hope—that the cops will sort it out.

The Backlog of 400,000 Unprocessed Rape Kits Is A Disgrace

The White House wants to address one of the most deplorable numbers in law enforcement.