March 31, 2014

The Original Nate Silver Also Thinks Pundits Are 'Stupid'
Bill James on “moneyball” in 2014 and backward political thinking
1:29 PM

In politics, he says, "People who are perceived as learned experts go on television and say stupid shit, and nobody says, 'Boy, that’s really stupid.'"

March 30, 2014

The Five Saddest 'Modern Love' Columns
8:00 PM

"On the third anniversay of my abortion, I found out via MySpace that my ex-boyfriend was having a baby with another woman."

The Science Behind a Laughter Epidemic and Other Ways that Humor Works
12:00 PM

A conversation with the authors of The Humor Code: A Global Search for What Makes Things Funny reveals how to joke about terrorists without getting in trouble. 

March 29, 2014

The Prophet in the Library
The previously undiscovered speech that launched Leonard Cohen's career
3:30 PM

When Leonard Cohen was asked about his plans for the future in 1964, he grinned and said “suicide.” This previously undiscovered speech recreates his thinking at the time.

March 28, 2014

Plus Size Mannequins Are Bad for Women's Health
10:00 PM

Do bigger mannequins mean that we're accepting our bigger bodies?

Why Is MoMA Hiding So Many of Its Greatest Pieces?
8:00 PM

The way the museum hides so much of its collection is a scandal. It's time to explore all those crazy cul-de-sacs of modern art that it too often ignores. 

Reading Won't Make You a Better Person
Enough with the sanctimonious blather!
6:00 PM

There is no longer any need to write “in defense of” reading—and yet we keep churning out books along these lines. 

Sending a Bunch of Fulbright Scholars Overseas Is Not 'Soft Diplomacy.'
But there are better reasons not to axe the program
1:18 PM

Sending Fulbright Scholars Abroad Is Not 'Soft Diplomacy.' But There Are Better Reasons Not to Axe the Program

March 27, 2014

Bill Nye, the Climate Guy
A kids' TV star is liberals' most effective spokesman against right-wing science skeptics
8:00 PM

D.C. Democrats are often pretty bad at debating right-wing science skeptics. Be grateful that a kids' TV star has stepped into the void.