June 24, 2014

Nervous for U.S. vs. Germany? Wait Until You See These Numbers
1:35 PM

Group G, by the numbers. Like you needed more reasons to be nervous for USA vs. Germany.

Forget Spain: Why I’m Mourning the End of Australia’s Golden Generation
11:31 AM

An American fan's valentine to the upstarts from Down Under 

Why Is the American Media So Obsessed with Karim Benzema?

France has always relied on a great team ethos, not just one star, to win the World Cup.

Michelle Obama Is Leveraging Her Power As "Mom-in-Chief"

She's using her influence to promote change for working families.

June 23, 2014

Algeria - France Would Be a Truly Historic Showdown
9:13 PM

A slightly premature second round preview

When the Going Gets Tough, the Hardcore Fan...Stops Watching

Flares, boos, and fascist chants in Croatia 

That Story About Irish Babies Buried in a Septic Tank Was Shocking. It Also Wasn't Entirely True.
8:00 PM

Today's international news cycle and old Irish tendencies created a perfect storm of outrage.

These Vintage Photos of Naked Soldiers Show the Intimate Side of War

New book My Buddy: World War II Laid Bare collects images of Allied soldiers in naked horseplay.