February 23, 2014

The Mindfulness Racket
The evangelists of unplugging might just have another agenda
7:45 PM

In yet another sign that the new age lingo of the 1960s is still very much with us, “mindfulness” has become the new “sustainability”: No one quite knows what it is, but everyone seems to be for it.

Jason Collins Re-Joins the NBA, And We Savor the Moment
5:05 PM

Jason Collins will become the first openly gay major-sport male athlete tonight. The milestone invites us to think of other milestones.

The New 'New York' Magazine Is A Lot Like The Old One
12:11 PM

When it was announced last year that New York was going to become a biweekly magazine, there was a good bit of hand-wringing from two overlapping groups of people.

Don't Call Henry David Thoreau a Hermit
12:00 PM

A new book explores the man behind the recluse in the woods.

What Happened Last Time the Olympics Left Town
11:21 AM

Is this what Sochi will look like in 30 years?

February 22, 2014

Swearing: The Fascinating History of Our Favorite Four-Letter Words
8:00 PM

Some of your favorite curse words are older than the English language itself.

The 150-Year Hunt for the Great American Novel
And why we need literary scholarship to reunite with literary criticism
8:00 PM

Why literary scholarship should reunite with literary criticism. 

February 21, 2014

Queen Victoria Took Medicinal Marijuana
8:00 PM

People who study drugs and human society can arrive at curious historical theories.

Yuna Kim Has Not Had Plastic Surgery, and Koreans Love Her For It
5:52 PM

In Seoul, you can order plastic surgery from the back of a cab.


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