The Germanwings Mass Murder–Suicide Shows the Importance of Depression Intervention
March 30, 2015

“We’re social creatures. We’re looking for any way to connect.”

How Do You Figure Out if a Mouse Is 'Depressed'?
October 02, 2014

It just doesn't care anymore. 

Robin Williams' Death Is a Wakeup Call for Mental Illness
August 12, 2014

The mentally ill still lack the health-care coverage and treatment they need.

The Long-Term Unemployed Are Depressed. Here's How We Can Help Them.
June 09, 2014

A subsidized employment program would help get the long-term unemployed back to work.

What Should We Call Depression?
May 27, 2013

The different forms of depression have been hard to keep straight for centuries. One of our best historians of psychiatry has a bold proposal for making sense of the disease.

Crash Course
November 07, 2005

The danger of consumer-driven health care.