How to Curb Binge Drinking: Raise Taxes on Booze
January 06, 2015

So says a new nationwide study.

The Best New Year's Drinking Advice Comes from Dionysus
December 31, 2013

The Greek god of wine says quit after three drinks.

Do Smarter People Drink More?
December 03, 2013

Yes, according to these studies. And wine is the drink of choice.

How the Red Solo Cup Became a Political Football
October 31, 2013

Solo cups are usually the domain of college kids at keg parties, but they’ve been in the news lately thanks to a very different demographic: politicians.

What Slate Missed: 5 Other Reasons College Women Shouldn’t Get Drunk
October 16, 2013

Emily Yoffe has managed to outrage everyone on Twitter this morning despite having written nothing about our infuriating Congress.

A Nation of Sots
September 29, 1979

From the archive: A Nation of Sots