Freaking Out Over Facebook's Egg Freezing Is Just Another Way to Police Women's Choices
October 22, 2014

Isn’t this what we want more companies—and, even more, the federal government—to do?

People Use Fewer First-Person Pronouns As They Get Older
September 30, 2014

And we start saying these other things instead. 

Facebook Did Screw With You, and It Wasn’t Even Worth It
June 30, 2014

The worst part about Facebook's studying your data without your consent is that they didn't find anything interesting.

Dear Facebook, I'm Fed Up
May 04, 2014

On Facebook, the letters of complaint are all addressed to no one. 

The Brutal Ageism of Tech
March 23, 2014

A behind-the-scenes report from the most ageist place in America: Silicon Valley.

A Small But Auspicious Gun Control Victory: Facebook Is Cracking Down on Illegal Gun Sales
March 05, 2014

Facebook is cracking down on illegal gun sales through the social network. It's a small step, but shows where the gun control movement is heading.

NFL Fans Are Crazy, Say Facebook Scientists
January 30, 2014

After kickoff, fans start acting anxious and depressed for two to three straight hours

Popular Culture Has Soured on Silicon Valley's Hotshots
September 08, 2013

Are tech entrepreneurs replacing Wall Streeters as the rich bad guys in the popular imagination? It’s starting to seem that way, at least in the media.

From the Stacks: “My Life With R.H. Macy”
August 08, 2013

Shirley Jackson died 48 years ago today. In her honor, her sharp-witted reflection on working retail, as originally published in The New Republic.

Facebook Isn't the Key to Catching Terrorists
July 30, 2013

The Associated Press reported Tuesday that U.N.