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OMG! Have you seen Episode 7 of CNN.com’s “Freshman Year”? Unbelievable. First, Congressman Jason Chaffetz (you know, the Utah Republican living out of his office) totally slams Nancy Pelosi at his birthday party, laughing about how he shares a birthday with “all the ugly people”: the speaker, Aerosmith’s Steven Tyler, comedian Martin Short, and that creepy old guy who played Spock in the original “Star Trek.” Meanwhile, crunchy Colorado Dem Jared Polis gets to meet Bono (!), and they bond over how much they hate wearing ties. (Funny.



As all the survivors of the ark burst ashore in a happy pandemonium chattering, roaring, howling for prey lowing to be fruitful and multiply while above their heads the rainbow hinted that there would be no end again--the end came for the fish without cares who lived off the catastrophe like slippery swindlers: now on the face of the stiffening earth the writhing fins were stranded and with gaping mouths they drowned in the air. Translated from the Hebrew by Leon Wieseltier For more TNR, become a fan on Facebook and follow us on Twitter.

If one were to gather together a dozen of our society's key arbiters of cool—ad execs, movie stars, fashion designers, music critics, pollsters, suburban tweens—and instruct them to generate the profile of a "cool" politician, what are the odds that their efforts would result in a gangly, jug-eared, overeducated, workaholic with a fondness for Scrabble? Not to denigrate our freshly minted president, but, when you tick through some of the basics, Barack Obama comes across as an inveterate dork.


Last week, Valleywag broke down Obama's team of web gurus, trying to ascertain what slice of the big win each is responsible for. From Facebook co-founder Chris Hughes to Jascha Franklin-Hodge, co-founder and CTO of Blue State Digital, it seems a lot of new media heavyweights played a big part in putting Obama in the White House.  But Valleywag seems to have forgotten Rahaf Harfoush--author, journalist, blogger, poet, lecturer, and "new media evangelist" at large. Who is Rahaf Harfoush, you ask? Exactly.


The Supplicants

For Cecelia Prewett, the phone calls and e-mails began pouring in immediately. On November 6, her former boss, Representative Rahm Emanuel, had just been named chief of staff to President-elect Barack Obama. Suddenly, it seemed everyone Prewett had ever met in Washington was getting back in touch with her. Her inbox filled with notes from well-wishers. Her cell phone rang so incessantly that she had to turn it off at work.


Q&a With The Transition

Pushing its tech and transparency credentials, the transition team announced today a new tool onChange.gov that allows people to ask and vote on questions for the team. (Kind of like what ObamaCTO.org has been doing for weeks, asking people to vote on priorities for the new administration.) My first question: True or false--in light of Jon Favreau's Hillary boob-grabbing Facebook photo, the transition is rethinking how to let its members use social media? (Although, that looks like it might be "flagged as inappropriate" on the site.) --Seyward Darby

As everyone waits (and waits and waits), we decided to highlight some of our campaign coverage from the last two years. Here's our best coverage of the media: Hillary Clinton vs. The Media"Bunker Hillary: Clinton's Strategy For Crushing The Media" by Michael Crowley; November 12, 2007 Barack Obama vs.


The Fatal Handjob

Indignation By Philip Roth (Houghton Mifflin, 236 pp., $26) College students today, showered with condoms and tastefully preserving their drunken, tonguetapping escapades on Facebook and MySpace for future in--laws and employers, have no appreciation of the sacrifices made by those who came before, the lusty pioneers of the sexual revolution. They take for granted the blowjobs and easy lay-ups made possible through the guerrilla activities of forgotten combatants in the early, undeclared stages of America's war for erotic independence.


The Boxer Shorts Rebellion

When the man who calls himself ”Chinabounder” moved to Shanghai to teach English and, apparently, have a little naughty fun on the side, he probably didn't know what he was getting himself into. His type is so common in Asia that it's almost a cliche: Bars from Hanoi to Seoul are filled with Western men gallivanting with local women. But this one made the mistake of blogging about his supposed exploits—”She jumped and quivered, sighed and open- mouthed pressed against me,” he bragged at chinabounder.blogspot.com—and mixing in criticism of China's occupation of the Xinjiang autonomous region.


Here's your zeitgeist: Although we are rarely seen in the wild, young Hillary supporters do exist (not that I've ever met another one). To give you an idea of just how outnumbered we are among young voters, I turn to the most tested and reliable gauge of all things collegiate: Facebook. Earlier this fall, Facebook added an application that allows members to declare the candidate they support on their main profile page. Hillary Clinton makes a respectable showing with 88,159 supporters. Barack Obama on the other hand, trounces her with 353,757 supporters.