'Frances Ha': The Intellectual Wallowing of Noah Baumbach
May 31, 2013

This homage to the Franch New Wave makes make Lena Dunham look like Hannah Arendt.

A New Movie Perpetuates the Pernicious Myth of Hannah Arendt
May 30, 2013

Hannah Arendt exposes the threadbare hero it hallows.

Women and Others
May 30, 2013

The German director Margarethe von Trotta has had such a long and fascinating career that, if there were justice in these matters—which idea is laughable—she would be treasured by more than who do so now.

'Lord of the Rings' for Cigarette-Smoking Cynics
How Richard Linklater's 'Before' trilogy defined my generation
May 24, 2013

How Richard Linklater's 'Before' trilogy defined my generation.

Behind the Plastic Surgery
Matt Damon is the real star of HBO's Liberace biopic
May 24, 2013

Matt Damon is the real star of this Liberace biopic.

'Seduced and Abandoned': This is What a Movie Deal Looks Like in 2013
May 17, 2013

Two friends, Alec Baldwin and director James Toback, elected to go to the Cannes Festival with a film crew. Their plan was to make a movie about themselves running around Cannes attempting to raise money for a project. The result is a more candid portrait of Cannes than the distinguished films that will play at the Palais.

Angelina Jolie's Mastectomy Was the Right Decision for Her, But Not for Everyone
May 13, 2013

I don’t have a whole lot in common with Angelina Jolie, but we do share a terrifying family history of breast cancer. Like Jolie, I lost my mother to cancer—mine at 49, Jolie’s at 56.

May 12, 2013

Right from the start of his career, it was clear that Terrence Malick was out to challenge the conventions of the art to which he was dedicating himself. Even that first film, Badlands, showed some unconventional ideas about time.

How to Make a Hidden-Camera Movie of an Abortion Clinic
Analyzing the pro-life movement's dominant form of self-expression
May 10, 2013

The anti-abortion movement's defining medium used to be the poster, typically featuring a misleading photo of a stillborn fetus much older than most states' abortion laws allowed. These days, it's probably the undercover video.

Christopher Guest Was Not Made for TV
What makes his films so good is what hurts 'Family Tree'
May 10, 2013

Christopher Guest’s mockumentaries are small, perceptive oddities, so unblinkingly committed to the worlds they investigate that the comedy can seem almost accidental.