'Locke' is the Best New Film of the Year
April 24, 2014

Locke is a film in which the locusts and the furies of confusion come to life. Go see it.  

These Newsreels Tell the History of the 20th Century
April 23, 2014

Eighty-five thousand historic newsreels were uploaded to YouTube. The author of The Biographical Dictionary of Films tells you what to watch. 

Watch This Film About Belarus. It Shows Putin's Bleak Vision for Eastern Europe
April 20, 2014

“Belarus isn’t sexy. Sexy countries have oil, gas, diamonds, sea, mountains.” A woman named Yana is standing on a stage wearing a robe and a crown of flowers, surrounded by fellow actors and delivering a fiery speech in Russian.

'Transcendence' Is So Bad You'll Start to Feel Sorry for Johnny Depp
April 17, 2014

Johnny Depp, Morgan Freeman, and Rebecca Hall are trapped in this terrible movie.

No Wonder Teens Love Stories About Dystopias—They Feel Like They're In One
April 11, 2014

Young adult books (and films) speak to the part of us whose identity is yet unformed, full of rage and fear and longing.

Mickey Rooney Was the Last Old Hollywood Star Standing
April 07, 2014

If you weren't familiar with the 93-year-old legend, here are the three movies to watch.

Errol Morris Is Wrong. Donald Rumsfeld Is a Known Known.
April 03, 2014

The scary consequences of last century's reactionary conservatism.

The Moral Philosophy of Captain America
April 02, 2014

If Aristotle could have imagined the Captain’s mission of giving everyone freedom to live as they choose, he would have reacted with incredulous contempt.

The Big New 'Noah' Movie Is Closer to the Bible Than its Christian Critics Will Admit
March 27, 2014

If you’re going to make a movie of a Bible story, you’re going to need to fill in some major gaps. 

The Sad Truth about Philip Seymour Hoffman
March 22, 2014

It's tempting to say that Hoffman overcame his addiction in order to act. But it just isn't so: His addiction fueled his great feats of acting.