Greg Sargent

Two More Signs that the GOP and Tea Party Are One
August 28, 2014

It's bad politics for the Republicans, but the rest of us will suffer the consequences.

Obamacare Has Had a Brutal Few Days, But It's the Next Few Weeks That Count
October 22, 2013

President Obama’s Rose Garden speech Monday was supposed to send two messages—one, that he is determined to fix Obamacare’s troubled federal websites and, two, that the law is already helping many people get insurance.

Conservatives Brace for the Possibility Obamacare Won't Totally Suck
July 23, 2013

Leaders of the Republican Party are still predicting that Obamacare will be a disaster, one that will wreak havoc on American health care. Most of their allies in the media say the same thing.

The Sound of Republicans on the Debt Ceiling Fight: Run Away! Run Away!
January 18, 2013

Obama said he wouldn't let Republicans practice economic policy extortion. And he prevailed.

Keep the Change: Why Obama Has No Use for Platinum Coins
January 13, 2013

Why won't Obama use the platinum coin? Maybe because he thinks he'll prevail without it.

How Washington Learned to Love Hostage-Taking
January 04, 2013

How the Washington establishment learned to stop worrying and love debt-ceiling showdowns.

Republicans Conveniently Forget All the Cuts Obama's Already Made
November 29, 2012

Republicans want more spending cuts, ignores all the cuts already made.

Chrysler, GM to Romney: Stop Lying
October 31, 2012

Having told Ohio one whopper about Obama's auto industry rescue, Romney tells an even bigger one.

A Little Late for a Pivot, Isn’t It?
October 08, 2012

Romney wants voters to believe he's a moderate. It's a little late for that.

Exploding the Reagan 1980 Comeback Myth
September 12, 2012

After an Obama bounce prompted a wave of articles about Romney’s dwindling chances, Romney’s pollster Neil Newhouse published a memo detailing the case for a comeback. Perhaps the most striking element of the memo was the complete absence of polling data, but his strained reconceptualization of the 1980 race was also highly unusual. Newhouse contended that Carter led by nearly 10 percentage points in late October and asserted that this year would see a rerun of that campaign.