Hillary Clinton

Ignore Huma Abedin
You shouldn't care about political wives
August 01, 2013

You shouldn't care about political wives.

John McCain, Undecided 2016 Voter
An exclusive interview on Fox News, Tea Party nihilism, and Hillary Clinton vs. Rand Paul in 2016
July 30, 2013

John McCain on Fox's schizophrenia, the Tea Party's nihilism, and the difficulty of choosing between Rand Paul and Hillary Clinton in 2016. 

Clintonites' Anger at Weiner Hits Alarming Levels of Hypocrisy
July 30, 2013

Forget Mark Leibovich's new book, This Town.

If Hillary Clinton Doesn't Run, How Screwed are Democrats?
July 02, 2013

On Sunday, The New York Times took a look at the emerging G.O.P. strategy against Hillary Clinton, and on Tuesday Politico offered an even more insider-y peek at what will happen to the Democratic Party if Clinton decides not to run for president.

Hillary Clinton, Our Last Boomer President
July 01, 2013

Both Michael Tomasky and my colleague Isaac Chotiner have noted the, er, potential pitfalls in the apparent Republican plan to cast Hillary Clinton as, basically, an old woman in contrast to all the 40- and 50-something Republican men who might

The Real Problem With GOP’s “Hillary Is Old News” Strategy
July 01, 2013

Jonathan Martin, newly arrived at the Grey Lady from the Tiger Beat on the Potomac, caused quite a stir with his piece yesterday noting the emerging outlines of the Republican case against Hillary Clinton, should she run for president in 2016: to pai

Be Less Excited About Hillary Clinton’s Twitter, Please
It’s unseemly
June 11, 2013

Hillary Clinton joined Twitter on Monday. The political press and the feminist Twittersphere (many of whom moonlight as semiprofessional Hillary groupies) all but had to sit on their hands to contain their excitement.

A Hillary Clinton 2016 Landslide? Don't Count On It
May 30, 2013

Polls show she has a huge lead—but it is likely to shrink when she jumps into the race. 

The Hillary Clinton Movie: The Winners and Losers
A Hollywood screenplay is full of political notables. Who comes off looking best?
May 20, 2013

We've read the screenplay for the upcoming Hillary Clinton biopic. It's full of political notables. So who comes off looking best?

Cheryl Mills’s Loyalty Problem
Why Hillary Clinton's right-hand woman might hurt more than help
May 14, 2013

Why Hillary Clinton's right-hand woman might hurt more than help.