Was the Spiritual Father of the GOP Actually a Democrat?
September 14, 2014

A new history of Lincoln's Republican Party may find favor with liberals, but seems to leave out many details.  

When 'Mistress' Meant 'Mrs.' and 'Miss' Meant 'Prostitute'
September 12, 2014

In the 18th century, ‘Mrs.’ was more likely to indicate a businesswoman than a married woman.

Why Has the American Literary Canon Admitted So Few Historians?
September 06, 2014

Two mid-century scholars finally get their due

Why Britain Created Monarchies in the Middle East
August 15, 2014

When was the most stable time in recent Iraqi history? Most likely it was during the British-sponsored Hashemite Kingdom of Iraq from 1921 to 1958.

The Story Behind the Ancient Map That Invented Red and Blue States
August 09, 2014

The country was just as polarized 125 years ago—except the colors were upside down.

What Andrew Wyeth Could Teach Modern Doctors About Practicing Medicine
August 04, 2014

Andrew Wyeth rocketed to success after painting his sick, handicapped neighbor Christina.

Ira Glass Is a Philistine for Saying Shakespeare Sucks, But He's in Good Company
July 30, 2014

There's a long list of famous writers (Tolstoy!) who insulted Shakespeare's work.

Why the Doom and Gloom, America?
July 15, 2014

Today’s crises are no worse than many in U.S. history.

Woodrow Wilson's Only Good Choice in WWI Was to Avoid It Altogether
July 07, 2014

Two historians debate America's entry into the First World War.