Make the Confederacy's Defeat a National Holiday
April 05, 2015

150 years ago this week, the Confederacy surrendered to the Union. Let's celebrate it—every year.

The Psychological Trick to Only Remembering the Good Parts of the Holidays
December 24, 2014

Don't dwell on the bad things and you might not even remember them. 

Do Jewish Men Postpone Death Until After Passover?
April 15, 2014

dwindling number of American Jews will bother attending a Passover Seder this year—but some may postpone their own deaths to take part in one.

Stop Hating Scrooge!
December 27, 2013

Now that Christmas is safely behind us, and the mob atmosphere of virtue and piety has evaporated; now that, in the post-holiday doldrums, the stacks of wrapping paper have removed themselves to their ghastly translucent plastic bags and the dead tre

Why I Hate Christmas
December 20, 2013

Traffic, death, obesity—just a few reasons given in this classic 1990 essay about why we should loathe the holiday.

Christmas Is the Greatest Jewish Holiday
December 19, 2013

Why I love Christmas—even though I'd never celebrate it

"Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer" Is a Terrible, Terrible Song
December 17, 2013

The not-so-hidden meaning of this song will ruin Christmas.

What to Say If Someone Wishes You ‘Merry Christmas’
December 02, 2013

‘Tis the season to take umbrage. The notion that politically correct liberals want to stifle less ecumenical versions of seasonal greetings, such as, “Merry Christmas,” is a longstanding conservative trope.

I'm Sick of Other Holidays, But I Still Love Thanksgiving
November 26, 2013

Here's why it's our greatest holiday.

You Should Give Thanks It's Not One of These Ten Depressing World Holidays
November 26, 2013

From "Black Day" in South Korea to South Carolina's "Secession Day."