Illegal Immigration

Australia Is Bad for Celebrity Puppies, Worse for Actual Humans
May 21, 2015

We should be paying attention to how Australia is treating the poor, tired, and hungry masses who are huddled just offshore.

Republicans Who Are Bad at Math Want to Give Child Migrants One-Way Plane Tickets
July 15, 2014

A plane ticket is not a solution to a humanitarian crisis.

Maybe That 10-Year-Old Facing an Immigration Judge Should Have a Lawyer
July 09, 2014

Imagine you're ten years old, you have no knowledge of the law, and you have to explain to a judge why you shouldn't be deported.

What Immigration Advocates Think About Obama's Plan For Children Migrants
July 09, 2014

President Barack Obama has asked Congress for $3.7 billion to handle the unaccompanied children who have crossed the southwestern border this year. So what's the reaction?

Boehner's Anti-Obama Lawsuit Could Seal the GOP's Coffin with Latinos
July 07, 2014

We know Republicans want Obama to deport more Dreamers—they just have a hard time admitting it.

One Reason So Many Children Are Fleeing to the U.S.: To Escape Murder
June 22, 2014

If you consider Central America's high murder rates and violence, is desperation to enter the U.S. really a surprise?

The AP's Crime Against Logic
April 09, 2013

The wire service's "illegal immigrant" change makes no sense.