Illegal Immigration

Republicans Who Are Bad at Math Want to Give Child Migrants One-Way Plane Tickets
July 15, 2014

A plane ticket is not a solution to a humanitarian crisis.

Maybe That 10-Year-Old Facing an Immigration Judge Should Have a Lawyer
July 09, 2014

Imagine you're ten years old, you have no knowledge of the law, and you have to explain to a judge why you shouldn't be deported.

What Immigration Advocates Think About Obama's Plan For Children Migrants
July 09, 2014

President Barack Obama has asked Congress for $3.7 billion to handle the unaccompanied children who have crossed the southwestern border this year. So what's the reaction?

Boehner's Anti-Obama Lawsuit Could Seal the GOP's Coffin with Latinos
July 07, 2014

We know Republicans want Obama to deport more Dreamers—they just have a hard time admitting it.

One Reason So Many Children Are Fleeing to the U.S.: To Escape Murder
June 22, 2014

If you consider Central America's high murder rates and violence, is desperation to enter the U.S. really a surprise?

The AP's Crime Against Logic
Its "illegal immigrant" change makes no sense
April 09, 2013

The wire service's "illegal immigrant" change makes no sense.