A Middle East Expert Explains Assad's Dangerous Charm, ISIS's Plans, and the Future of the Region
An Interview With Robert Ford, the Former Ambasssador to Syria
July 09, 2014

A conversation with former Syrian Ambassador Robert Ford.

Interview: Orange Is The New Black's Poussey on Playing the Season's Tragic Heroine
And how she thinks her character wound up in prison
July 01, 2014

How the real-life friendship between Poussey and Taystee compares to what's on screen.

How Bad Can the Iraq Situation Get? An Expert Weighs In.
An Interview with Thomas E. Ricks
June 24, 2014

“What if everything that has happened in Iraq since 2003 is just preamble to the main event?” 

What in God's Name Is Going on in Iraq? An Expert Explains.
An interview with Olivier Roy
June 16, 2014

An interview with Olivier Roy.

Thomas Piketty: I Don't Care for Marx
An interview with the left's rock star economist
May 05, 2014

The French economist is a rock star of the left thanks to a book called Capital. But in an interview, he shrugs off Das Kapital.

Q&A: The Life of Journalists on an Assassin's Hit List
April 29, 2014

The New Republic Interview with Mohammed Hanif

Mr. Knowledge Speaks
Wikipedia's founder on Turkey's Twitter ban, the NSA, and why net neutrality might not be such a big deal
April 25, 2014

Interview: The founder of Wikipedia opens up on Turkey's Twitter ban, the NSA, and why net neutrality might not be such a big deal.

Barbara Ehrenreich: I'm an Atheist, But Don't Rule Out "Mystical Experiences"
A Q&A with the author of "Living With a Wild God"
April 20, 2014

Barbara Ehrenreich wants you to take mystical experiences seriously, unless they involve a benevolent monotheistic deity.

Stark Raving Rahm
Tell us what you really think, Mr. Mayor
April 06, 2014

Stark raving Rahm on gentrification, the middle east, and the perils of income-inequality politics