Benjamin Netanyahu Hopes to Sell Peace. Here's How.
The Israeli prime minister's new path
July 24, 2013

In 1956, Israel’s famed general Moshe Dayan gave a eulogy about a young kibbutznik who was killed in a border attack by Arabs, saying that Israelis needed to get used to the idea that life in the Mideast meant remaining forever on guard.

A Socialist Woman Could Dethrone Netanyahu
Four ways Shelly Yacimovich could become Israel's next prime minister
July 24, 2013

Four ways Shelly Yacimovich could become Israel's next prime minister.

Seven Reasons There's Hope for Israeli-Palestinian Peace
July 21, 2013

John Kerry faced nearly universal skepticism when he set out to get Israelis and Palestinians back to the negotiating table after five years of shuttle diplomacy.

The U.S. Makes Israel Play the Bad Cop With Syria
July 15, 2013

Throughout last week, rumors percolated that an explosion in Latakia, Syria, was the handiwork of the Israel Defense Force. Then, over the weekend, U.S.

Israel’s New Ambassador Is Not a Republican—In Name Only
July 09, 2013

An Associated Press tweet Tuesday morning read, “Israel appoints a former GOP activist as its ambassador to Washington.” That sentence is at once technically accurate; not a little misleading; and, on a deeper level, inadvertently revealing of how ma

Netanyahu Could Save the Two-State Solution
His political future might depend on it
July 09, 2013

His political future might depend on it.

Weiner’s Shameless Israel Pander Was Vintage Weiner
June 28, 2013

On Wednesday, attending the celebration of the Supreme Court decisions in front of the Stonewall Inn, former congresman and current mayoral candidate Anthony Weiner denied that there is an occupation of the West Bank.

How American Jews Can (and Can’t) Influence Israeli Voters
June 21, 2013

Though it rambles across much farmed-over terrain and takes care to mention all the caveats, such as Palestinian maximalism and gridlock1, Roger Cohen’s latest New York Times column is notable for the slightly more novel point that it is partly up to

The Israel Debate Cory Booker Didn’t Want to Have
June 17, 2013

Newark Mayor Cory Booker’s ascent to the national stage has been at once a long time coming—the chief executive of the country’s 68th-largest city received Time cover treatment four years ago—and unexpectedly accelerated since Senator Frank Lautenber

Women and Others
May 30, 2013

The German director Margarethe von Trotta has had such a long and fascinating career that, if there were justice in these matters—which idea is laughable—she would be treasured by more than who do so now.