Jeremiah Wright

Vapid, Jingoistic Obama-hater Of The Day
July 02, 2008

Jennifer Rubin has a piece in the Jerusalem Post this week in which she claims to be speaking for a significant number of Jews who will not be voting for Obama this November.

How Obama Should Run Against Mccain
June 06, 2008

Seldom has the basic structure of an election tilted so strongly in the direction of the Democratic Party. In these circumstances especially, losing the presidential contest would be devastating for the party and would guarantee the continuation of divided government, at great cost to the country. In order to maximize his chances of winning, here are some of the steps Barack Obama needs to take. Introduce himself to the American people.

Rev. Michael Pfleger, Uncut
June 02, 2008

I’m a bit late to responding to the reports of and the fallout from Rev. Michael Pfleger’s rude and uncharitable sermonizing at Trinity United in Chicago. As a way of adding more context to the situation—and the unfortunate lack of context is, I think, what fueled Barack Obama’s decision to break with this church—I’d like to share a conversation I had with Pfleger in March, just hours before he last spoke at Trinity, as part of the two-week celebration of Jeremiah Wright’s retirement.

Michael Gerson Thinks Americans Are Stupid
May 09, 2008

I'm not really sure how else to interpret his column from today, which diagnoses one of Obama's primary handicaps as the following: The Obama narrative is intellectual and ideological (not social) elitism. Humble roots have never been a guarantee of intellectual humility, especially when a mind comes to flower at Columbia and Harvard. Obama's dismissal of small-town views and values as "bitterness," "fear" and "anger"--his dismissal of the Rev. Jeremiah Wright as a relic of an angry generation--comes across as, well, dismissive.

Putting Wright In Perspective
May 06, 2008

Ever since Jeremiah Wright made his debut on the wider American political stage many people -- and especially white liberals -- have been wondering: what do he and his church represent in black religious life in the country? When most white liberals (sometimes, I confess, me included) talk about African-American matters, they speak from a very thin, even wobbly base of knowledge. That's been happening in the last six weeks again.

Believe It Or Not: Jeremiah Wright, Honorary Degree Recipient From Northwestern University, No More
May 01, 2008

Well, not exactly. What is true is that Jeremiah Wright was to receive an honorary doctorate in sacred theology from Northwestern University. Based in Evanston, Illinois, it was to bestow this degree at its coming commencement exercises this June. Something interfered. The quite distinguished institution heard who Jeremiah Wright really was and in what he believed. How did Wright, of all people, come to be selected as a Northwestern honoree?

The Most Final Divorce
May 01, 2008

Andy Borowitz makes it official for Obama and Wright: In an act that campaign insiders said indicated an irrevocable break with his former pastor, Sen. Barack Obama today de-friended the Rev. Jeremiah Wright on Facebook. ... "Every day, Rev. Wright was sending Sen. Obama new Facebook applications like 'What Superhero Are You?' and 'What 1980's Toy Are You?'" Mr. Axelrod said. "After awhile, enough is enough."  --Eve Fairbanks

Can Hillary Still Win The Nomination?
April 30, 2008

One of the debates around our office these last two days has been whether it's still possible, as a practical matter, for Hillary to win. Or, more precisely, whether it's possible for the superdelegates to override the pledged delegates without provoking the kind of backlash that would doom Hillary. My own feeling is that it is possible. The most likely place you'd find the backlash is obviously among black voters, who've been supporting Obama by a nearly 9-to-1 margin of late. But I don't think the African-American backlash would necessarily be overwhelming, for two reasons.

Barack Obama: Putting Race Hustlers Out Of Work
April 29, 2008

I suggested in my last posting that the blessed Reverend Wright was actually doing harm, deliberately doing harm, to Barack Obama's candidacy. The pastor, for all his love of Jesus, has little love for Obama, one of Jesus's truly humble servants. Only the Right Reverend Bill Moyers (no, he was not always a TV celeb or LBJ's hatchet man either) could sit down with this rough social gospel screamer and find theology and sensibility and spirituality in the persona.

Obama Dumps Wright
April 29, 2008

Having caught the second half of the presser and read quotes from the rest, it seems to me that Obama did a skillful job today in denouncing Jeremiah Wright. The one thing I wonder about is whether Obama showed enough passion. With the caveat that I did not see his initial opening statement, there was a certain coolness to his remarks. I know it's not so hip to cite David Gergen, but I thought the man had it right on CNN last night when he said Obama needed to show real, visceral anger at Wright--and I didn't see much evidence of that (although Obama did say twice that he was "angry").