Joe Scarborough

Donald Trump Brought Fox News to Its Knees
August 10, 2015

The four-day war is over, and Trump won.

Joe Scarborough: In Manhattan, "People Thank God for David Koch"
September 29, 2014

"In Manhattan ... people thank God for David Koch"

The GOP Will Regret Overreaching on Bergdahl
June 05, 2014

It's unseemly. It's hypocritical. And it's going to backfire.

The Spending Problem We Don't Have—and the One We Do
February 12, 2013

Joe Scarborough is right about the deficit, but wrong about the solution.

Scenes from the Conservative Bunker
January 27, 2013

The message to the several hundred disconsolate attendees: Obama is out to "annihilate" the GOP.

To ‘Predict’ Nate Silver’s Future, Look to the More Enlightened Sports World
November 01, 2012

The backlash against Nate Silver has demonstrated that sports fans are a lot smarter than political pundits.

The Charlotte Letter: Alone Time with Ed Rendell
September 05, 2012

Chatting with Rendell on why Hillary will run in 2016, why Cory Booker is the biggest wuss in the party, and how he thinks CNN should be blown up.

Tampa Dispatch: The Geography of Conventionland
August 30, 2012

TAMPA—Conventionland is home to many different tribes. And, in a city as sprawling as Tampa, geography is everything. RNC press materials don’t provide a map of the different clan’s stomping grounds (something like the handy diagrams inside Game of Thrones). So, I’ll attempt to map out the GOP 2012 landscape for you. The center of power, the capital of Conventionland, is made up of two massive structures: The Tampa Convention Center and the Tampa Bay Times Forum (where the nightly televised events take place).

Romney Cribs from the GOP’s Willie Horton Playbook
August 27, 2012

1988 all over again? Romney accuses Obama of cultivating a welfare "base."

The Real Strategy Behind Romney’s (Lying) Welfare Ads
August 22, 2012

Romney delivers a message capitalizing on the resentments of white working class voters—the exact voters he needs to win the election.