John Edwards

If Only...
August 12, 2008

I know this quote landed hours agao, but what in the hell was Howard Wolfson thinking when he started babbling to about how John Edwards cost Hillary the nomination? If only Edwards had come clean about the love child, so the theory goes, Iowa voters would have abandoned the horny little shmuck and flocked to Hillary, who would have then steamrolled to victory.  Maybe. Maybe not. And maybe Hillary's incredibly incompetently run campaign would have imploded at a later date. Who can say? As I have ranted about previously, "ifs" ain't worth much in politics.

Edwards Admits To Affair
August 08, 2008

According to ABC News, John Edwards has admitted to a long-rumored affair with Rielle Hunter, a filmmaker he met in 2006. Apparently the Edwards family also became aware of the affair that year. This is a tricky story to write about, and since no one has any idea about the Edwards' marriage, there is not too much to say (other than, per Marc Ambinder's item, we can expect a rather raucous welcome for Elizabeth when she speaks in Denver this month).

Edwards In Denver?
August 06, 2008

You don't have to accept the legitimacy of the National Enquirer's continuing drumbeat* against John Edwards to realize that the question of whether he gets (or wants) a prominent role at the Democratic convention is becoming pretty sticky. The higher his national profile the more excuses reporters have to ask nettlesome questions. * Linking still doesn't feel right, somehow, but you can see Drudge for more.

Edwards' New Priorities
July 31, 2008

John Edwards pulls the plug on a noble college scholarship program he established just before his '08 campaign, and which he touted constantly on the trail as a national model. The story doesn't make clear why he's given up on the program, so maybe we should await further details before concluding it was all about his campaign to begin with.... --Michael Crowley

Edwards Watch
July 08, 2008

Move over Nunn Watch, here comes Edwards Watch! Ed Kilgore offers his take on John Edwards's interview with NPR's "Talk of the Nation" today: Asked, predictably, about his willingness to serve as Barack Obama's running mate, Edwards clearly said he'd do it -- or anything else -- if Obama asked him. It was couched in the usual "don't expect it, haven't pursued it" disclaimers, but unless I'm missing something, this represents a change from Edwards' previous line that he'd "seriously consider" an offer if tendered.

Obama-hillary: A Dream Or A Nightmare?
May 24, 2008

I am not going to get into the game of saying whom Barack Obama should choose to be his vice-presidential nominee. I am chastened from having argued for John Kerry to pick John Edwards in 2004. And I am not going to say whom he shouldn't choose either. But I want to suggest that there are pitfalls to his endorsing the "dream ticket" of himself and Hillary Clinton, which prominent Clinton supporters like Diane Feinstein are promoting. There are two arguments for Obama choosing Clinton: one is plausible; the other is bogus.

Edwards: No Working-class Hero
May 15, 2008

Yesterday I blithely asserted that John Edwards' popularity among working class voters would give Obama an important new dose of credibility with that crowd. But CJR's Zachary Roth goes back over exit poll numbers to demonstrate that Edwards was never especially popular with them in the first place. Although the endorsement did have the desired effect of quickly changing the subject from West Virginia. --Michael Crowley

John Edwards In Retrospect
May 14, 2008

John Edwards is endorsing Obama this evening. Although he's been out of sight these past four months--save periodic cloak-and-dagger meetings with both candidates--in many ways, it's as if he never left. As Jonathan Cohn explained in January, Edwards succeeded to a remarkable degree at making the Democrats' agenda his own.

Trippi's Remorse
May 01, 2008

Former Edwards advisor Joe Trippi has a first person account in the newly-invigorated Politics (formerly Campaigns & Elections) magazine about how he wishes he'd urged his candidate not to abandon his primary campaign: He could have kept his agenda in the forefront by staying in the race and forcing Obama and Clinton to focus on those issues because he, John Edwards, would hold the key to the convention deadlock. And maybe, just maybe, a brokered convention would have stunned the political world and led to an Edwards nomination. P.S.

Edwards's Moment?
April 29, 2008

It wasn't so long ago that the CW said John Edwards had missed his window to make his presidential endorsement meaningful. But now that North Carolina Governor Mike Easley has come out for Hillary Clinton, what do you think Obama would give Edwards for his endorsement? It'll have to be a lot, because according to the NYT, Edwards is reluctant to pull the trigger for anyone: Mr. Edwards has hinted to friends that he will not offer an endorsement before the North Carolina and Indiana primaries on May 6. One former aide said that Mr.