John F. Kennedy

Lieberman On Jfk
May 20, 2008

As if his main goal in life is to make Jon Chait's blog posts even more topical, Joe Lieberman decided to pen an op-ed in tomorrow's Wall Street Journal. There's nothing in the piece that you have not read before (Democrats used to be strong, but now are weak; John McCain hates terrorism; Lieberman's more-in-sorrow-than-in-anger tone), but he does make a point about John F. Kennedy that is worth exploring.

The Vital Centrist
February 13, 2008

Journals: 1952-2000 By Arthur M. Schlesinger Jr. Edited by Andrew Schlesinger and Stephen Schlesinger (Penguin Press, 894 pp., $40) I. FEW HISTORIANS write personal journals that deserve publication, which is not surprising. How much interest can there be in the academic controversies and petty jealousies that dominate the lives of working historians, much less in the archives, the private libraries, and the lecture halls where they spend so much of their time?

"yes We Can," Ctd.
February 04, 2008

For those who missed it over the weekend, here's another look at what is likely to be one of the more unusual politico-cultural artifacts of this highly unusual campaign:     In his earlier post, Noam asked whether "this helps Obama or hurts him." I think it's all but inconceivable it will hurt him. People who dislike the video (for any of several quite understandable reasons) are unlikely to be so annoyed that it sours them meaningfully on Obama.

Primary School
January 30, 2008

Jeffrey Rosen’s 2008 debut as a campaign correspondent.

Tales About His Father
January 28, 2008

Maybe it's because I was watching the thing on a balky online video stream, but I wasn't that impressed by any of the speeches in the Obama-Kennedy event. Until, that is, Obama got to the end of his*, when he added this incredible coda to the already incredible story about his father: It’s about whether we’re going to seize this moment to write the next great American story. So someday we can tell our children that this was the time when we healed our nation. This was the time when we repaired our world.

Latter-Day Skeptics
November 19, 2007

Mormons against Romney.

Mitt in a Box
October 23, 2007

Let's say it unequivocally: Mitt Romney's Mormon faith should not be an issue in this presidential campaign. Period. And then let us explore why the Mormon "issue" may be unavoidable--and what Romney and the rest of us should do about it. Romney's biggest problem is that he is running in a Republican Party that has been saturated by religion in recent years.

'big Lover' Of Truth

According to the Hollywood Reporter, Bill "Don't Call Me Pullman" Paxton will serve as an executive producer on a new HBO mini-series based on Vincent Bugliosi's Reclaiming History: The Assassination of President John F. Kennedy, which argues for the lone-gunman theory of the assassination. The crusade also holds personal significance: an eight-year-old Paxton met President Kennedy earlier that day. He spoke about it a few months ago in an interview (PDF) with Texas Monthly's Evan Smith. Paxton: [W]e parked near the Hotel Texas.

Have Faith
January 29, 2007

From 2007, Richard Bushman denies that Mormons are uniquely predisposed to faith-based governance.

Binge and Surge
January 22, 2007

IN IRAQ, SADLY, the troop surge planned by George W. Bush probably won't make much difference. After all, the United States has already surged—the military sent several thousand more troops to Baghdadlast summer—and the violence only got worse. Moreover, theintellectual architects of a new surge—retired General Jack Keane and the American Enterprise Institute's Frederick Kagan—say itwill require 30,000 more troops over 18 months to have a chance of success.