May 02, 2005

SHORTLY BEFORE NOON on the day that Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger was elected Pope Benedict XVI, I was standing in St. Peter's Square with a smart young Carmelite priest from Ireland. We were watching black smoke pour out of what, for a few days at least, was the most famous chimney in the world. That meant no Pope, yet. By chance, or perhaps thanks to the Holy Spirit's intervention, Father Simon Nolan was just the kind of Catholic who could give me faith in the Church's future. He is a philosopher who studies medieval topics, and he was orthodox, warm, and open.

Lives Of The Saints
October 31, 1988

Understanding the Beatles and Beatlemania.

Reed Whittemore on Verse
November 07, 1969

Reed Whittemore reviews The Beatles Illustrated Lyrics, in this article from the November 7, 1969 issue of the magazine.