Karl Rove

Karl Rove, Social Welfare Queen
March 10, 2011

You know Karl Rove's political advertising shop that funnels large sums into campaigns with no disclosure? Apparently, for tax purposes, it's a "social welfare organization": Crossroads GPS was founded with backing from Karl Rove, a political adviser to President George W. Bush, and concentrated its spending to produce attacks on vulnerable Democrats last year. But the group was formed as a "social welfare" organization under the tax code, allowing it to avoid revealing donor names.

Bill O'Reilly and Karl Rove Fail Basic Math
February 16, 2011

[Guest Post by Isaac Chotiner] Earlier this week, Jon wrote an item about this PPP poll of likely Republican primary voters. The survey found that 51% of respondents did not think President Obama was born in the United States, and another 21% were not sure. On his show this evening, Bill O'Reilly expressed his outrage at the pollsters: not only is PPP a Democratic firm, he said, but the survey wasn't large enough to be accurate. His interview guest, who was in full agreement with that analysis, was Karl Rove.

Karl Rove Has Never Been At War With Eastasia
February 10, 2011

Karl Rove has an op-ed column in the Wall Street Journal today -- and, yes, I admit that merely typing those words involuntarily triggers my saliva glands -- that is entirely dedicated to urging Republicans to use the budget reconciliation process to repeal the Affordable Care Act: Fear not, sayeth Speaker Pelosi, all will be fixed with the magic dust known as "reconciliation"—a process that allows budget and spending bills to move through the Senate with 51 votes instead of 60...House Democrats would be foolish to trust a process that has deeply alienated the American public. No, wait, sor

The Will to Believe
January 27, 2011

Decision Points By George W. Bush (Crown, 497 pp., $35) The Presidency of George W. Bush: A First Historical Assessment Edited by Julian E. Zelizer (Princeton University Press, 386 pp., $29.95) George W. Bush and the Redemptive Dream: A Psychological Portrait By Dan P. McAdams (Oxford University Press, 274 pp., $29.95) It’s worth listening to the audiobook version of Barack Obama’s Dreams From My Father, because not so long ago Obama had both the time and the inclination to spend many hours voicing the recording himself.

The Rise Of Corporate P.C.
December 16, 2010

There really is something utterly bizarre about our political culture at the moment. The economy is currently experiencing an unusual combination of huge corporate profits alongside mass unemployment. A Democratic administration created the conditions for those profits by addressing the the economic crisis in a way that did the least possible harm to corporate America.

Obama's Deal: It's A Floor Wax! It's A Dessert Topping!
December 10, 2010

I'm really having fun watching the conservative movement try to sort out its line on the Obama-Republican tax deal. Just watching the Wall Street Journal editorial page is dizzying fun. The Journal's immediate treaction, like that of its columnist Karl Rove, was to gloat: the president was "repudiating the heart and soul of Obamanomics as the price of giving himself a chance at a second term," and "implicitly admitted that his economic strategy has flopped." Wow, "repudiating the heart and soul of Obamanomics" sounds like the kind of thing a Democrat might not want to support.

New Idea -- Let's Try: The Bush Tax Cuts!
December 09, 2010

Karl Rove today again signals that the Republican line is going to be that President Obama has adopted the Republican Party's economic agenda: [F]ailure would imperil $400 billion in tax cuts that would be a more effective economic boost than Mr. Obama's justifiably ridiculed stimulus. I think he's setting the stage to give Republicans credit if the economy improves and Obama wins reelection. Still, I really wonder if that's the line Republicans are going to settle on. After all, the Bush tax cuts have been in effect all along.

Republicans Think Obama Agrees With Them
December 08, 2010

I understand why liberals are so angry about the tax deal, despite the fact that President Obama won far more economic stimulus than he gave away in upper-class tax cuts. It's the culmination of a huge blown political opportunity. But the conservative glee is, on the other side, bizarre.

Sarah Palin, Reader
November 17, 2010

[Guest post by Isaac Chotiner] A few years ago I engaged in a friendly debate with Ross Douthat about the number of books that President Bush had read in 2006. According to Karl Rove, the former president had read 94 books (some of the 94 were big history books). I found this claim dubious, but Ross thought it was believeable. Now, to Sarah Palin. At the end of his big piece on the onetime Alaska governor, Robert Draper writes: Palin became testy when I asked her about the books I heard she had been reading. “I’ve been reading since I was a little girl,” she snapped.

October 28, 2010

-- John Judis offers four myths about the Tea Party. -- Karl Rove questions Sarah Palin's suitability for the presidency. -- Reuters's Ellen Wulfhorst profiles Republicans who are voting for Democrats because of the Tea Party.