Karl Rove

Paul Ryan's Moral Barbarism
May 03, 2011

Karl Rove's column the other day joined the many conservatives expressing their hurt and anger that President Obama would depict Paul Ryan's budget as harming sick and vulnerable citizens: Mr. Obama likes campaigning more than governing. And for this president, campaigning means knocking down straw men and delivering a steady stream of misleading attacks.

Above and Beyond
May 02, 2011

Sean Wilentz wonders if bin Laden’s death will bring a close to the era of paranoid politics in America.

The Master Of Projection Strikes Again
April 28, 2011

Guess who wrote this today: Since Mr. Obama can't make an affirmative case for his re-election, he has decided to try convincing voters that Republicans are monstrous. As a result, America is likely to see the most negative re-election campaign ever mounted by a sitting president. Yes: Karl Rove! Architect of what has almost universally, and with virtually no dissent, been described as the most negative reelection campaign ever mounted by a sitting president. Now, I don't think negativity was the problem with Bush's reelection campaign, but Rove's vapors here are pretty comic.

What WikiLeaks Hath Wrought
April 28, 2011

WikiLeaks recently released a trove of secret risk assessments regarding nearly every prisoner who has ever been held at Guantánamo Bay. I have been continually involved in Guantánamo litigation longer than any lawyer in the world, having been counsel of record in Rasul v. Bush, the first case that went to the Supreme Court from Guantánamo. Over the years, I have defended a number of prisoners at the base. Yet, in the Kafkaesque way that these things work, I cannot comment on the WikiLeaks material because they remain classified.

April 25, 2011

-- Jon Cohn starts his series on the scariest parts of the GOP budget. -- Karl Rove worries about a late start to the GOP's presidential race. -- Atlas Shrugged tanks at the box office.

I Am Starting To Question Karl Rove's Intellectual Honesty
April 21, 2011

Karl Rove, still uremorseful about his administration's eight-year spree of deficit-increasing measures, argues today that the debt ceiling has to be raised only because of the Democrats' big-gummint ways: A vote to raise the debt ceiling is an acknowledgment of past actions—in this case Mr. Obama's massive spending since coming to office. Republicans are not to be blamed for Mr. Obama's spending. Heavens no. The debt ceiling is only being raised because of Obama's spending. So I guess we never had to raise the debt ceiling before Obama did we?

The Debt Ceiling And Moral Authority
April 15, 2011

When Barack Obama was a Senator, he voted against raising the debt ceiling, a vote he now concedes was "political." Republicans say this proves, as Karl Rove puts it, "The president has no moral authority to insist Congress raise the debt ceiling without restrictions." This is a confused concept. Traditionally, the debt ceiling vote was an opportunity for the out-party to embarrass the majority, nothing more or less. Obama as senator did not demand concessions in order to let the debt ceiling be raised.

The WSJ Edit Page Uses Predator Satiation
April 14, 2011

Cicadas burrow underground and then emerge at all together in 13- or 17-year cycles in massive waves. The strategy is known as "predator satiation." The cicadas are tasty meals for birds, they move very slowly, and they can't fight, but by emerging all at once there are simply so many of them they can't be eaten simultaneously. I thought of that when I glanced at today's Wall Street Journal editorial page. It's like the Journal, which is itself my favorite target, held a convention of my favorite targets.

Karl Rove Is -- Gasp! -- Not Being Honest
March 31, 2011

There are certain tip-offs that suggest when somebody is misleadingly describing a politicians' position. One of those tip offs is when you see somebody quoting a small piece of a sentence fragment, which often suggests a statement being wrenched out of context to alter its meaning. Another tip-off is when you read anything in the frequently-misleading Wall Street Journal editorial page. And yet another is when you come across any statement spoken or written by the compulsively dishonest Karl Rove.

How To Read Karl Rove
March 24, 2011

Karl Rove's Wall Street Journal column is always a fascinating and informative read. You just have to read it the right way. Obviously, if read at face value, it's simply very crude propaganda. But reading between the lines, you can glean what Rove actually believes. And given that he's a powerful Republican who's privy to internal deliberations, he has a lot of information to inadvertently signal.