Karl Rove

About That 'Failed' Stimulus...
August 24, 2011

The economy is sluggish and unemployment is on the rise, but Republicans and their allies say they want nothing to do with President Obama’s agenda for job creation because it’ll be just another “failed stimulus." Here's John Boehner making that argument on his official blog. Here's Karl Rove doing the same on Fox News. And here's Richard Posner offering his version at TNR -- although, to be fair, he merely calls the stimulus "botched" and I'm not sure he qualifies as a Republican ally.  Of course, the argument isn't new.

The Perry Panic And the Draft Ryan Movement
August 19, 2011

The first week of the Rick Perry presidential campaign has put the Republican establishment in a full panic. Perry has defined himself as a full right-wing stereotype, an over-the-top George W. Bush impersonator. Much of the tension between Perry and party elites in Washington has been portrayed as the continuation of a longstanding grudge between him and the Bush circle.

Who "Owns" the Economy?
August 01, 2011

One of the cliches bouncing around constantly is that President Obama "owns the economy." Pay attention to the way Karl Rove uses the phrase here, seguing from a weird description of a bakery closing to blaming it on Obama: when the restaurant closes Sunday, 14 people will lose their jobs. Its patrons will lose a favorite joint, and the neighborhood will lose some sense of community. There are worse hardship cases in America, but this one is bad enough. It is in large part the result of the economy that Mr. Obama owns. "Owns" is a political term.

The Butterfly Effect
July 28, 2011

It is often said that the age of the Washington hostess is dead. Gone are the days, we are told, of Katharine Graham and Pamela Harriman, who assembled Washington power players around tables where deals were struck and alliances forged. But that may not be entirely true. The name Rima Al-Sabah doesn’t ring many bells to people outside the Beltway. Inside, it rings a lot. Al-Sabah is the wife of the Kuwaiti ambassador, Salem Al-Sabah. Since the couple arrived in Washington in 2001, she has become known as the issuer of invitations one doesn’t decline.

Karl Rove Being The Best Karl Rove He Can Be
July 07, 2011

Every writer has his own natural métier. For Karl Rove, it's taunting: Begala’s piece was amusing because he said he’s invoking my name to raise money from rich (and terrified) Democrats to help President Obama. “Even the most disenchanted Democrat gets motivated to fight back” when told Karl Rove is active on the other side, Begala crows. Problem is, the early results of his strategy aren’t so good. Begala’s group, Priorities USA, says it will respond to our $20 million blitz with (wait for it)… $750,000 in ads. As of Friday, the group had placed less than $490,000 in five states.

Karl Rove’s Super Genius Strikes Again
June 23, 2011

I don't understand the journalistic value of the Wall Street Journal providing a regular forum for Karl Rove to make bullish predictions for Republicans, because Rove is wrong a lot. But apparently the Journal thinks its readers need the comfort of constant reassurance in good times and bad. Today's column provides a pretty good insight into Rove's analytic methods: Mr. Obama's standing has declined among other, larger groups. Gallup reported his job approval rating Tuesday at 45%, down from 67% at his inaugural.

More Questions About that McKinsey Study
June 16, 2011

That controversial McKinsey & Company study, the predicting severe disruptions from health care reform, isn't going away. It may be at odds with what the Congressional Budget Office, Rand Corporation, and Urban Institute found.

Bushie Projection Watch
June 09, 2011

A couple months ago, Karl Rove had one of his regular bouts of non-self-awareness and wrote: Since Mr. Obama can't make an affirmative case for his re-election, he has decided to try convincing voters that Republicans are monstrous. As a result, America is likely to see the most negative re-election campaign ever mounted by a sitting president. Now former Rove deputy Pete Wehner echoes: Barack Obama’s re-election campaign will jettison the strategy of defending his record for a simple reason: it is indefensible. He has amassed fewer impressive achievements than even Jimmy Carter.

Rapper’s Delight
May 13, 2011

Watching Republicans clutching their pearls to see the rapper Common invited to the White House on a poetry night Wednesday has revealed a party whose stars are grievously out of touch with the culture they hope to lead, as well as to culture in general, apparently. It is understandable that some would imagine if the Obamas convene a poetry night, the invitees would be the likes of Billy Collins or Elizabeth Alexander, who read a poem at the President’s inauguration.

American Psychosis
May 04, 2011

Kilgore argues that bin Laden's death does not signal the end of paranoid politics.