Karl Rove

What's Karl Rove's Top Target?
March 27, 2012

It's up against a bigger story today, but Ken Vogel's got an in-depth piece up at Politico that deserves a read, looking at the coordination, or lack of it, among all the various conservative groups gearing up to spend their millions in the months ahead. Vogel reports: The top conservative operatives who make up the alliance were scheduled to huddle this week behind closed doors to discuss how to spend hundreds of millions of dollars to attack President Barack Obama and congressional Democrats.

The Rove Op-ed … Keeps Getting Better
March 26, 2012

Last week I wrote about how Karl Rove’s Wall Street Journal rebuttal of the recent Obama campaign documentary was a masterpiece in projection. Of particular interest was this paragraph, in which Rove downplayed Obama’s biggest foreign policy achievement: As for the killing of Osama bin Laden, Mr. Obama did what virtually any commander in chief would have done in the same situation. Even President Bill Clinton says in the film "I hope that's the call I would have made" [emphasis added].

Is Rove Aware of the Columns Someone Is Signing His Name To?
March 22, 2012

Our former colleague Jon Chait ran a sideline business these last few years calling Karl Rove on the various forms of projection he practiced when it came to criticizing Obama. But if Chait were still on this beat today, I’m sure he’d concede that he actually no idea how pathological this Rove-ian tick was back when he wrote all those blog items.  Rove’s column in today’s Wall Street Journal, about the dishonesty of the recent Obama campaign documentary, is a true thing of beauty.

Is The South Too Republican For Republicans?
March 12, 2012

The year before his 2010 retirement from the Senate, Ohio Republican George Voinovich offered one of the more candid and colorful recent assessments of what had happened to his party. Asked by The Columbus Dispatch what his party's biggest problem was, he answered: "We got too many Jim DeMints and Tom Coburns. It's the southerners. They get on TV and go 'errrr, errrrr.' People hear them and say, 'These people, they're southerners. The party's being taken over by southerners.

No Enemies to the Right: The Defining Element of the GOP Primary
February 25, 2012

There was, last week, a brief but thrilling moment in the GOP presidential contest: It seemed like, for the first time, a candidate would be attacked for being, not too liberal, but too far right. Back in the day, that wouldn’t have been too unusual, as when George H.W.

Chrysler, Imported from Turin
February 14, 2012

[Guest post by Simon van Zuylen-Wood] As Flint and Auburn Hills prepare to weigh in on the anti-bailout Republican field in the upcoming Michigan primary, it’s worth rethinking the political subtext of Clint Eastwood’s “Halftime in America” Chrysler ad. To refresh: The ad piqued Republicans like Karl Rove because it appeared to implicitly endorse the 2008 and 2009 government bailouts that saved the company.

Gaming The Baseline
February 08, 2012

The latest Republican budget-cutting trick is to end the longstanding practice of indexing the baseline for discretionary spending to inflation. In plain English, this refers to the practice of defining the previous year's spending level (the "baseline") as last year's spending plus a cost-of-living increase. The idea is that if you don't factor in inflation then, practically speaking, you are forcing cuts to government services.

Karl Rove Wants His Message Back
February 07, 2012

As a friend of mine* once said, quotes from Karl Rove aren’t important for what they say. They are important for what they reveal. Rove’s statements about Sunday’s Super Bowl ad from Chrysler are a case in point. By now, you’ve probably seen or heard about the ad, which Chrysler calls “Halftime in America.” It stars Clint Eastwood, narrating the story of Detroit's comeback and turning it into a metaphor for America.

The Promiscuity Of the Very Rich
February 01, 2012

Sorry, Florida, but the biggest political news Tuesday was not Mitt Romney’s predictable win after his carpet-bombing of Newt Gingrich, but the long-awaited release of the financial disclosures for the Super-PACs that, courtesy of the Roberts Court, will utterly dominate the 2012 campaign. As Dan Eggen and Tim Farnam lay out in today’s Washington Post, Barack Obama’s record-breaking small-donor machine will be sorely tested by the big-dollar Republican donors who, liberated by Citizens United and other rulings, are giving in truly eye-popping sums.

Politico Heart Fox News
February 01, 2012

The scrupulously nonpartisan Politico has been under sustained attack from Fox News for being too left-wing. Today, Politico hits back, hard, with "How Fox News Has Stayed On Top," a fanzine-style puffer by Mike Allen. That'll show 'em! I'm sure there's a strategy at work here. I just can't figure out what it is. As for the Allen story, it's an unalloyed embarrassment--one of the worst things I can ever recall reading by a first-rate journalist.