Lance Armstrong

EPO And Lance Armstrong: What's The Risk?
May 23, 2011

On Sunday, “60 Minutes” aired an interview with Lance Armstrong’s teammate Tyler Hamilton, in which Hamilton accused Armstrong of using the banned drug EPO for blood doping. Athletes can “blood dope” by taking drugs such as EPO to unnaturally increase their red blood cell count, hoping to increase oxygen flow and boost energy and endurance. Among other claims, Hamilton told “60 Minutes” that Armstrong convinced a Swiss anti-doping lab to keep silent about his test results. Armstrong is currently under federal investigation, and he strongly denies all charges.

Livestrong, Rideweird
July 14, 2009

David Roth has written an article for TNR about Lance Armstrong's strange ties to Kazakhstan: As inspiring as it is to see 37-year-old Lance Armstrong un-retired, healthy, and near the front of the pack at this year's Tour de France, it's hard not to be distracted by what he's wearing. In place of the relatively wholesome U.S. Postal Service and Discovery Channel jerseys he wore during his previous wins, Armstrong is currently racing in the blue-and-yellow of the Astana Cycling Team.

Washington Diarist
July 24, 2006

The straight dope on the Tour De France.