Lou Dobbs

The GOP’s Challenge Extends Beyond Hispanics and Immigration Reform
November 15, 2012

Changing their stance on immigration won't save Republicans.

Crossfire Returns. Sort Of.
June 25, 2010

I've always liked Jon Stewart, but the worst thing he ever did was kill "Crossfire." It wasn't a perfect show, but it was vastly superior to the chummy insider-laden conventional wisdom-fests that run on Sunday mornings and are held in higher prestige. Certainly in its heyday, the show forced politicians to defend their talking points in the face of critical analysis. When they couldn't defend themselves, it showed. Anyway, having long ago kicked Crossfire to the curb, CNN is creating a new show with a liberal and a conservative host.

Why Does Jon Klein Want to Hurt America?
November 11, 2009

Look, it's one thing for CNN president Jon Klein to destroy his network, which he has steared steered to last place in the cable news sweepstakes. But now, with the news that Lou Dobbs is leaving CNN, Klein runs the risk of destroying America. Don't believe me? Allow me to explain. Until January, how many of you had heard of Glenn Beck? Not many, I bet. That's because from 2006 to 2008 Beck's show was on CNN's Headline News, where hardly anybody watched it. Which means that Beck couldn't do much damage.

Truther Consequences
October 07, 2009

Alex Jones is a husky man with short sandy hair, weary eyes, baby cheeks, and the kind of deep, gravelly voice made for horror-movie trailers. And it’s horror he has in mind. "Your New World Order will fall!" he screams through a megaphone at the shiny façade of a nondescript office building. "Humanity will defeat you!" A syndicated radio host, filmmaker, and all-around countercultural icon based in Austin, Texas, Jones has long been one of the country’s most significant purveyors of paranoia.

Time's Up
November 19, 2008

ALISO VIEJO, CALIFORNIA--Jim Gilchrist, the founder of the Minuteman Project, lives in a one-story home in a gated community in Orange County. On a late August afternoon, the 59- year-old former accountant invited me into his backyard, which is strewn with potted plants, blue-and-white pinwheels, and a ladybug wind chime. "There are some Pakistani immigrants that live over there," he says, pointing over his fence, "and a nice Japanese family, and a Taiwanese family that lives around the corner.

Phantom Menace
February 13, 2008

John B. Judis: The psychology behind America's immigration hysteria.

Lou Dobbs Gets Served
April 25, 2007

From the Financial Times's always classic "Lunch with the FT" series comes this anecdote about a reporter taking Lou Dobbs to lunch at the swanky Grill Room in Manhattan: After we have taken our seats, Julian Niccolini, the restaurant's Italian co-owner, wanders over and says he would be delighted if Mr Dobbs could peruse his restaurant's new menu. We each take one. It is written entirely in Spanish. Dobbs looks mildly dyspeptic for a moment as he strains to decipher it, then realises it's a joke. Oh, those tricksters in the restaurant biz! --Keelin McDonell

Novel Approach: Counterterrorism as Pulp
November 06, 2006

The year is 2020. A young Muslim preacher has been proclaimed thenew caliph, attracting a worldwide following that includes thedaughter of an American senator. Civil wars and insurgencies ragethroughout the Muslim world and beyond. Muslim athletes at theOlympics declare loyalty to the caliphate over their own nations.Histories of previous caliphates soar on Amazon's best- sellerlist. A dystopian novel's potboiler plot? Not exactly. The scenario comesfrom a global trends estimate by the National Intelligence Council,a government advisory group.

Getting In
May 08, 2006

Alan Wolfe: What the immigration debate tells us about who Americans are, and who they want to be.