The Pundits Are Wrong. The Virginia Election Was a Big Win for Obamacare.
November 06, 2013

What political pundits ignore: McAuliffe wants to expand Medicaid, which means 400,000 more people will get health insurance there under Obamacare. 

McAuliffe Overcoming the GOP's Turnout Advantage
August 21, 2013

If Virginia’s gubernatorial contest was a fight between two equal candidates nominated by two equally evil parties, as it was initially billed, Ken Cuccinelli would have been a modest favorite.

Would McAuliffe Have Been Better Than Deeds?
October 13, 2009

Adam Nagourney makes the case: Consider this: Perhaps the single most politically devastating moment for Mr. Deeds was when he gave a halting and fumbling answer, in a cluster of reporters and television cameras, about whether he would raise taxes to pay for repairing the state’s transportation system. Republicans have used clips from it to produce two of the most devastating advertisements of the campaign, raising questions at once about his views on taxes and his basic candor. Mr. McAuliffe was given to his excess.