Midterm Elections

Teddy Roosevelt Was a Real Independent. Today's Versions Are Poseurs.
October 15, 2014

What happened to the Independents who actually stood for something?

Chart: It's True, Congress Hates Working Before Midterm Elections
They're working more after the midterms—but it's not an even tradeoff
September 23, 2014

They're working more after the midterms—but it's not an even tradeoff.

This Is What a GOP Senate's First 100 Days Will Look Like
Hint: They'll be extremely friendly to big business
September 12, 2014

Hint: They'll be extremely friendly to big business.

Senate Republicans Want the GOP to Make All Sorts of Promises It Can't Keep
May 27, 2014

A new "Contract With America" will only lead to more counterproductive overpromising.

Republicans' New Midterm Strategy: Obama Is a Lawless President
May 12, 2014

Obamacare is out. Obama's supposed lawlessness is in.

The GOP Got What It Wanted In North Carolina, But Its Problems with Right Wingers Are Far From Over
May 07, 2014

Thom Tillis might become a senator. But the Republican party's conservative movement problem runs deeper than losing Senate primaries.

A GOP Senate Candidate Blows The Lid Off Conservative Racial Politics
May 06, 2014

You won't believe what the GOP's favorite North Carolina Senate candidate said about people on welfare.

Democrats Can Overcome Their Midterm Fatalism—If They Get Over Themselves
April 29, 2014

New political science research suggests Democrats' can get over their midterm election blues--if they try.

Obamacare's Success Is Destroying the GOP's Midterm Strategy
April 20, 2014

Republicans can't just scream "Obummercare!" and hope a friendly electoral map does all the work.

Bang or Whimper?
November 15, 2010

WASHINGTON—The lame-duck session of Congress that kicks off this week will test whether Democrats have spines made of Play-Doh, and whether President Obama has decided to pretend that capitulation is conciliation. Congress faces an enormous amount of unfinished business, largely because of successful GOP obstruction tactics during the regular session. Republican senators who declare themselves moderate helped block action on important bills, objecting either to provisions they didn't like or to Democratic procedural maneuvers. Thus did Sens.