Morning Links
July 05, 2011

- The Minnesota state government has been shut down since Friday. - The Kaiser Family Foundation looks at health insurance for the unemployed. - Jared Bernstein has a conspiracy theory about ethanol subsidies.  

What The Bachmann Skeptics Get Wrong
June 30, 2011

I think Michelle Bachmann has a real shot to win the Republican nomination, but many commentators continue to view her as a fringe candidate bound to implode. Here' Will Wilkinson: It will not surprise me if Ms Bachmann is able to parlay her tea-party popularity and Iowa roots into a victory in Iowa's first-in-the-nation caucuses. But conservative voters aren't as blinkered as Mr Chait implies.

Pawlenty's Scam
June 24, 2011

Coral Davenport has a thorough account of the very sad tale of Tim Pawlenty's embrace and subsequent abandonment of cap and trade. Pawlenty initially took up the cause with a fervor that was quite literally religious: Pawlenty also had a personal motivation. As an evangelical Christian, he had been brought to believe in the urgency of climate change by his pastor, Leith Anderson, who earlier in 2006 had banded with a group of other evangelical leaders to challenge the Bush administration on global warming.

Tim Pawlenty: Why It’s Way Too Soon to Count Him Out
June 24, 2011

As the 2012 Republican presidential field began to take shape earlier this year, former Minnesota governor Tim Pawlenty looked like the perfect on-paper candidate: a former blue-state, blue-collar governor from the Midwest who was cozy with both social conservatives and Tea Party folk, and who didn’t have Mitt Romney’s problem of heretical past positions.

June 23, 2011

-- What Tim Pawlenty learned about health care in Minnesota. -- Just a flesh wound! "Popular Crime" really has only two insurmountable problems: the way the author uses numbers and the way he uses words." -- Why we never have to balance the budget. -- How our Afghanistan policy is shifting. -- What if all of America were as dense as New Jersey? -- In light of the capture of Whitey Bulger, this looks even more misguided.

The New Hampshire Debate: Michele Bachmann’s Surprisingly Mature Performance
June 14, 2011

Manchester, New Hampshire—Three quarters of 2008 New Hampshire voters in the Republican primary said, according to the exit polls, that the debates were “important” in making up their minds.

The New Hampshire Debate: Who Can Catch Mitt?
June 14, 2011

Mitt Romney is known already for his flip-flops and equivocations, but he only very occasionally says something that you know he can’t believe. That moment came toward the end of last night’s Republican presidential debate at St. Anselm’s College in New Hampshire. The moderator John King asked Romney whether, in retrospect, John McCain or Barack Obama had made the better choice of vice president. Romney didn’t answer the question.

'Hard Truth' About the GOP: They Like Nonsense
June 08, 2011

Tim Pawlenty, former Minnesota Governor and frontrunner in the "I'm not Mitt Romney" Republican primary, gave a major economic speech in Chicago on Tuesday. Although I also happened to be in Chicago, I didn't actually see the speech. And it appears I missed absolutely nothing.  I say that not because Pawlenty's ideas are so conservative. I say that because they're so transparently unworkable and unrealistic.

Weak One
May 28, 2011

Minnesota Governor Tim Pawlenty announced his candidacy for president on Monday, just a week after fellow presidential contender Newt Gingrich managed to torpedo his own nascent campaign within a matter of days. Could Pawlenty avoid the same fate?

Pawlenty Was "Open" to Individual Mandate
May 27, 2011

Why don't I think support for an individual mandate will destroy Mitt Romney's presidential aspirations?