Daily Breakdown: Polls Show Obama Maintaining Lead In Ohio, Advancing In Colorado
November 03, 2012

Obama led in all but one poll conducted in a battleground state.

Daily Breakdown: Romney Gets A Good Ohio Poll, But Not From The Pollster He Wanted
November 02, 2012

Romney needs good polls from more than just Rasmussen and a firm commissioned by Citizens United.

Daily Breakdown: Obama Enters November With The Advantage
November 01, 2012

Wednesday's polls showed Obama well-positioned across the battleground states.

Daily Breakdown: State Polls Show Obama Ahead, National Polls Show A Tight Race
October 31, 2012

The split between the popular vote and the Electoral College isn't as simple as Ohio.

Don't Judge Strategy From Spending
October 31, 2012

Instead, follow the polls and the candidates.

Nevada 2012
October 29, 2012

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The Latest Campaign Spending Increases and What They Mean for the Race
October 29, 2012

Romney is pouring money into Iowa and Wisconsin—and Obama isn't matching him.

Daily Breakdown: PPP Polls Show Obama Ahead In Ohio and Florida
October 29, 2012

Obama has a strong polling weekend.

Romney’s Hopes Fade In Nevada
October 29, 2012

Every relevant indicator points toward an Obama victory.

It's Not 2008 In Colorado
October 29, 2012

The fate of Colorado hinges on the socially moderate women of the Denver suburbs--who aren't flocking to Obama.