New York

The NYPD Is Giving Cops Machine Guns to Control Peaceful Protests
January 30, 2015

New York's Finest are still conflating protests against police with terrorist acts.

Why Black New Yorkers Like Me Are Celebrating the NYPD Work Slowdown
January 07, 2015

For us, it's a vacation from fear, surveillance, and punishment.

The NYPD Freakout Isn't Just About Race. It's About Inequality, Too.
What police officers' demand for respect really means
December 30, 2014

What police officers' demand for respect really means.

The NYPD Is Using Fear as a Weapon in the "War on Cops" Crackdown
December 28, 2014

Police should be de-escalating, not inflaming, tension.

Don't Blame Protesters for the Murder of Two New York Cops
December 21, 2014

Only one person is responsible.

Obama's Immigration Plan Is a Game Changer for Undocumented Construction Workers
December 07, 2014

Latino workers are far more likely to be injured on the job.

Police Cameras Won't Cure Our National Disease
The depressing conclusion of the Eric Garner chokehold case
December 03, 2014

And the Eric Garner chokehold case proves it.