New York

Must-See Summer Art Shows
Three of New York's best
June 19, 2013

Three idiosyncratic exhibits at the Met, MoMA, and Neue Galerie

'Frances Ha': The Intellectual Wallowing of Noah Baumbach
May 31, 2013

This homage to the Franch New Wave makes make Lena Dunham look like Hannah Arendt.

Frieze New York, a VIP Art Fair for Our Gilded Age
May 10, 2013

Against the godforsaken glamour of international art fairs.

Behind Andrew Cuomo's Book Bout With Fredric Dicker
Did a presidential contender quash an unfriendly biography?
May 03, 2013

Did a presidential contender quash an unfriendly biography?

Gun-Toting Carpetbaggers
My quest to find a New Yorker who moved to Texas because of gun control
April 12, 2013

My quest to find a New Yorker who moved to Texas because of gun control.

The Cuomo Conundrum
Will his 2016 ambitions hurt his ability to run New York?
February 21, 2013

Andrew Cuomo has been leading the charge of American liberals for over two years now. The New York governor made history in the spring of 2011 by steering marriage equality through the state’s dysfunctional legislature.

The Real Problem with Gentrification
A phenomenon that revived cities can also make them monotonous
February 15, 2013

Gentrification, which has helped revive so many cities, has a possibly self-defeating side-effect: Leaving monotonous neighborhoods in its wake. 

Can Joe Lhota Save Big-City Republicanism?
Becoming mayor is tough. But not as tough as restoring urban America's two-party system.
February 07, 2013

Reviving partisan competition in urban areas will be good for Republicans, good for cities, and good for the country. New York's Joe Lhota has a persona that might help him become mayor. But can he create the infrastructure to sustain an actual two-party system?

Citizen Alec
Forget Clooney. Alec Baldwin is America's most believable celebrity liberal. Here's why.
January 31, 2013

Not so long ago, Alec Baldwin was a washed up star. He reinvented himself without changing a bit. And, in the process, became Hollywood's most believeable star.

Is the Emergency Committee for Israel on a Losing Streak?
January 16, 2013

Schumer's support for Hagel seems like another setback for the pro-Israel lobby. Or is it?