The Bush Tax Cuts and the “R” Word
September 10, 2010

With an assist from erstwhile OMB Director Peter Orszag in the form of an op-ed in Monday’s New York Times, the question of which of the 2001 Bush tax cuts to extend, and for how long, has quickly become the issue du jour in Washington (when we’re not talking about obscure preachers burning Korans).

Sweet Lew?
July 11, 2010

The search for Peter Orszag’s successor at the Office of Management and Budget hasn’t gotten a lot of attention. But it should. If the administration is talking about a policy change that involves spending or raising money, as most policy changes do, then the OMB director is going to be part of that discussion. As my colleague Noam Scheiber has reported, the two leading candidates to take over OMB have been Gene Sperling, a senior Treasury Department aide who held several positions in the Clinton Administration, and Laura Tyson, a Berkeley economist who also served under Clinton.