Men Can Be Just as "Maternal" As Women, According to Neuroscience
July 25, 2014

Brain research shows that fathers who are secondary to a female caregiver are more engaged as thinkers and planners. But men raising a child without a female partner were found to have the same level of emotional response as a mother.

Bring Back the Wet Nurse!
A solution for working mothers that has been around for centuries
July 22, 2014

It might be the answer for stressed-out moms who want their babies breastfed.

Kids Can Tell When You're Not Telling the Whole Truth
And they know to act on it
June 18, 2014

And they know they should act on it. 

Against the Tyranny of Natural-Childbirth Elitists
Doulas and hot tubs aren't better than doctors and hospitals
May 04, 2014

And hot tubs aren't better than hospitals.

The Sailing Couple Saved at Sea Are Neither Bad Parents Nor Rebels. They're Just Like Us.
April 08, 2014

The Kaufmans may have been on a high-seas adventure, but their lives were depressingly similar to ours.

Siri, You're Messing Up a Generation of Children
April 02, 2014

Has anyone thought through what it means when kids scream at robots?

Why We're So Obsessed with 'Natural' Childbirth
A new history of Lamaze explains the origins of the mythology
February 17, 2014

A new history of the Lamaze technique explain the origins of our earth-mother, natural-birth fantasies.

Don't Leave Future Fathers Out of the Daddy Wars
January 07, 2014

The Atlantic magazine left a key group out of its discussion about fatherhood.

Rich Stay-At-Home Dads Aren’t the Future
December 09, 2013

In Sunday’s paper, The New York Times reported on a rising phenomenon: Powerful female financial executives who are abetted by husbands willing to “stay at home” and be the primary caretakers of the couples’ children.

The Wild, Unregulated Business of After-School Programs
How well do you know that soccer coach or piano teacher?
December 02, 2013

How much do you really know about that soccer coach or piano teacher?