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Harris On The Washington Post: "the Sears, Roebuck Model Of Over"
July 22, 2009

Politico is having a good media month. First, Michael Wolff wrote glowingly about them in his Vanity Fair column (though he didn't always feel that way). And last night, Charlie Rose brought Politico owner Robert Allbritton, editor-in-chief John Harris, executive editor Jim Vande Hei, and senior reporter Ben Smith to his table for a chat. Rose largely praised the site, and allowed his guests to talk triumphantly about their winning formula.

Dawn of the Revolt
July 15, 2009

May 23rd: Tehran's Azadi Indoor Stadium, 20 days before the election. The press had difficulty getting in the gates. "All full," the guards kept telling us. And full it was, overflowing in fact, for a Mir Hossein Mousavi campaign rally. Mousavi wasn't even there. Instead, the rally featured former President Mohammad Khatami and Mousavi's wife, Zahra Rahnavard, and the eager crowd numbered more than 20,000. I couldn't make my way to the VIP section, and I didn't want to.

Bank Shot
July 08, 2009

Congress's attempts to deal with the housing crisis this spring created surprising rifts within the financial industry, particularly between big banks and investors (at hedge funds and elsewhere).

The Sad Decline Of The Marion Barry Scandal
July 07, 2009

As someone who was born and raised in D.C., I can't say I have much affection for Marion Barry, but I can't deny that, like any political rascal, he possessed a certain charisma and larger-than-life quality. Even his lowest moment--getting busted smoking crack in a hotel room with a woman who was not his wife--was, for all its seediness, undeniably operatic, not to mention (thanks to the FBI's surveillance camera) cinematic . So, while I'm not surprised that Barry continues to run afoul of the law, I am a bit taken aback by just how petty and, frankly, mundane his recent troubles have been.

Bob Woodward, Jim Jones And That Obama Book
June 30, 2009

Last month, I reported that Bob Woodward is at work on a new book about the Obama administration, which has been a cause of concern at the White House. At the time, sources told me that Woodward would likely focus his efforts on Obama's foreign policy, and the high-level debates that play out inside the West Wing. A favorite parlor game in Washington is guessing the identities of Woodward's (many) anonymous sources. This time around, speculation is that Woodward will turn to national security adviser Jim Jones, whom Woodward forged a relationship with.

More Economic Team Housing Woes...
June 26, 2009

Recall that Tim Geithner decided to rent out his five-bedroom Tudor in the New York suburbs earlier this year after finding no takers at $1.635 million--or, later, the reduced price of $1.575 million. Well, now it looks like FDIC chairman Sheila Bair is in the same boat. According to the Journal, Bair just took her five bedroom colonial in Amherst, Mass. off the market after being unable to sell it for $695,000, down from the initial list price of $795,000 in April. The story continues: Ms. Bair, and her husband, Scott P. Cooper, paid $355,000 for the house in 2002.

Enter Sink
May 13, 2009

Alex Sink, currently Florida's Chief Financial Officer, is going to enter the governor's race there. I think she'll make a pretty formidable candidate. I spent a little time with her back in 2002, when I was working on a piece about her husband Bill McBride's (ultimately ill-fated) gubernatorial campaign against Jeb Bush. I remember coming away from that experience thinking she'd be a more impressive candidate than her husband. Now I'll get a chance to find out if my initial hunch was right.

Joe The Lexicographer
May 05, 2009

Samuel Wurzelbacher explains why he opposes gay marriage in Christianity Today: I personally still think it's wrong. People don't understand the dictionary—it's called queer. Queer means strange and unusual. It's not like a slur, like you would call a white person a honky or something like that. Yes, thank goodness it's not a term used by genuine bigots, like "honky." That's a word that wounds.

Specter A Yes Vote On Health Reform?
April 29, 2009

Ezra Klein thinks Arlen Specter is looking more and more like a "yes" vote on health reform. There were, Ezra notes, some curious references to health care in Specter's press conference on Tuesday and Obama's on Wednesday night. And then there's Specter's own recent history: Arlen Specter has had a tough few years. In 2005, he was diagnosed with an advanced form of Hodgkin's lymphoma. Chemotherapy took months. His hair fell out. His friend John Sununu shaved his own head in solidarity. But treatment was successful, or seemed so. In 2008, however, the cancer returned.

Tnr Slideshow: The Pritzker Prize Winner
April 16, 2009

This week the Pritzker Prize committee announced this year's winner of architecture's top honor: Swiss architect Peter Zumthor. On May 29, he will receive the formal award--along with a $100,000 grant and a bronze medal--in Buenos Aires. Zumthor commands the highest accolades from architects worldwide: Just in September 2008 he also won the Japanese version of the Prizker, the Japan Art Association's highly coveted Praemium Imperiale.