The Internal Polls That Made Mitt Romney Think He'd Win
November 30, 2012

The Republican candidate really did think he was on track to become president. These poll numbers explain why.

No, Romney Didn’t Win The Middle Class
November 29, 2012

Stuart Stevens says Mitt Romney won the middle class vote. He's wrong.

We'll Always Have Denver
November 29, 2012

Romney's chief strategist tries to argue that the Romney campaign was about something. Nice try.

The GOP's Problem With Young Voters Is Only Getting Worse
November 21, 2012

While Mitt Romney missed benchmarks with many disparate demographic groups on Election Day, the Republican Party might be said to have a single, overriding challenge moving forward: to adjust to generational change. Over the last decade, a wave of new, diverse, and socially moderate voters has reshaped the electorate, allowing President Obama to win the popular vote without much, if any, improvement over John Kerry among voters who were eligible to participate in the 2004 presidential election.

No Southern Comfort For Wishful Liberals
November 20, 2012

Southern liberals say the region isn't as severely Republican as it seems. But they're ignoring reality.

The GOP Has Problems With White Voters, Too
November 12, 2012

Don't let the national exit poll data fool you. The GOP has its own problem with white voters.

Did Romney’s Cheapness Doom His Campaign?
November 08, 2012

We're now being told that the Romney campaign was seriously hurt by a lack of funds. Should he have dipped into his own pocket?

How Obama Won Ohio
November 07, 2012

The Obama campaign made the 2012 election about Ohio from the start: class, cars and Bain. A final dispatch from the state on the day he won it.

Why Didn’t Religion Matter More in This Election?
November 06, 2012

Six months ago, it seemed like a good bet that religion would be a significant factor in the 2012 presidential election. No one ever thought it would be the biggest issue driving votes, of course—the economy still has a lock on that distinction.

Daily Breakdown: Is It Really Tied In Pennsylvania? Probably Not.
November 04, 2012

The poll has a history of showing Romney doing well in Pennsylvania.