Ron Fournier

Why Did the Washington Post Flip Flop on Obama's Immigration Policy?
August 08, 2014

Some of the critics who were pressuring President Obama to extend deportation relief are now warning him to beg off.

Erick Erickson and Ron Fournier Tweeting About "Leadership" Is Everything Wrong With Politics
July 22, 2014

But, sadly, they do—and they're making a huge deal out of it. 

Ron Fournier's Elitist Bias in One Sentence
May 29, 2014

Third Way is not unbiased.

Ron Fournier Attacks Paul Krugman, Embarrasses Self
May 05, 2014

The poor man is ailing from a condition known as bipartisanship (medical name: vacuousness), which manifests when any expresses a thought that can be deemed partisan.

Millenials Will Run for Political Office, Like it Or Not
August 26, 2013

Millenials Will Run for Political Office, Like it Or Not

Is Christie Abandoning His True Base?
January 11, 2013

His biggest boosters, a coterie of Wall Street conservatives, have lost their love.

Obama's Worst Line
March 18, 2008

For a political speech, Obama's address was so free of cliche that it had almost no outright cringers. But it did have one: I suppose the politically safe thing would be to move on from this episode and just hope that it fades into the woodwork. Obama does this a lot -- remind people he is no ordinary candidate, he refuses to take the easy way, and so forth. He really ought to lose this overt theme. It contributes, however infinitesimally, to the perception Ron Fournier articulated that he's more arrogant than the average pol.

Ron Fournier Hates Mitt Romney
January 16, 2008

I've always thought of the AP's Ron Fournier as a smart but pretty even-tempered and conventional political reporter. But he really, really seems to hate Mitt Romney.

Is Edwards A "phony"?
September 19, 2007

AP's Ron Fournier tackles the question. I think the critiques of what Fournier calls the "three Hs" ("haircut, house and hedge fund") are pretty bogus. It's the cautious-moderate-to-lefty-crusader evolution that I wonder about. P.S. Ben Smith on a big letdown for Edwards--no SEIU endorsement (for now). Update: Brendan Nyhan takes a rather dim view of Fournier's analysis. --Michael Crowley