Super Bowl

Gay Tolerance Is Again a Wedge Issue—This Time Against Republicans
February 26, 2014

An anti-gay bill in Arizona could hurt Republicans nationally. How the tables have turned!

Marshawn Lynch Won't Talk, and Sports Reporters Won't Shut Up About It
January 31, 2014

The self-important sports press should pipe down about Marshawn Lynch's pre-Super Bowl reticence.

NFL Fans Are Crazy, Say Facebook Scientists
Surprising patterns emerge from millions of fan posts
January 30, 2014

After kickoff, fans start acting anxious and depressed for two to three straight hours

Does God Decide the Super Bowl Winner? That's What Most Americans Believe.
January 30, 2014

One-in-four American sport fans believe their team has been cursed at some point.

The Only Thing Worse Than the Super Bowl Is the Puppy Bowl
Against the tyranny of cuteness
January 29, 2014

Against the tyranny of cuteness in America.

Who Should Advertise During The Super Bowl? Hint: Not Pepsi
New companies stand to gain the most from America's biggest TV event
January 29, 2014

Researchers reveal the smarter science behind Super Bowl advertising 

It's Time to Abolish the Super Bowl's Media Day
January 28, 2014

The Tuesday before the Super Bowl has become a gigantic waste of time.

The Puppy Bowl Is the Product of Centuries of Evolutionary Logic
January 27, 2014

Every year, the Super Bowl broadcast attracts over 100 million fans from around the country, picking up viewers across the race, gender, income and age lines that usually divide American audiences.

We Are Addicted to Football. It's Time for Rehab.
April 25, 2013

Tonight, the NFL Draft begins—in case you hadn’t heard. The cover of the most recent ESPN The Magazine is dedicated to it, and Sports Illustrated likely would have fronted it, too, had the Boston Marathon bombings not taken precedence.

Fourth Down? We're Going for It!
How advanced statistics could transform the NFL
February 01, 2013

How advanced statistics could transform the NFL.