United Nations

The Killer Fog That United Labor and Environmentalists
September 19, 2014

It killed 20 people and completely changed environmental politics.

Will Britain Lose its Seat on the U.N. Security Council Seat if Scotland Becomes Independent?
September 16, 2014

The United Kingdom has been on the U.N. Security Council since its creation in 1946. Would Scottish independence change that?

This Might be Obama's Last Chance to Do Something Major About Climate Change
September 15, 2014

A preview of what a world agreement could and couldn't do to contain global warming. 

Climate Change Is About to Have a Populist Moment
September 12, 2014

What the largest climate march in history can and can't do.

Give Palestine—Not the U.N.—the Money, Responsibility, and Glory
August 29, 2014

What the UNRWA's representative in D.C. misunderstands about our argument.

GOP Extremism Isn't Just Hurting America. It's Hurting Our Planet.
August 27, 2014

Republicans are putting all the world's people at risk now.

Climate Change Scientists Warn: We're Almost Too Late
August 27, 2014

Soon, climate change will be irreversible. The impacts are inevitable. 

Critics of the United Nations' Relief Agency in Gaza Don't Have Their Facts Straight
August 26, 2014

Without the UN's herculean efforts, civil society in Gaza would have already collapsed.

Stop Giving Money to the U.N.'s Relief Agency for Palestinians
August 18, 2014

It's the best hope for a Palestinian state.

Migrant Children Are Fleeing a Region Rife with Sexual Violence
July 23, 2014

These children are not so much coming to America as running from dangerous and deadly circumstances. And we want to send them back?