Wendy Davis

Wendy Davis's Campaign Is Failing For One Very Simple Reason
And the media keeps ignoring it
June 30, 2014

And the media keeps ignoring it.

The Backlog of 400,000 Unprocessed Rape Kits Is A Disgrace
March 09, 2014

The White House wants to address one of the most deplorable numbers in law enforcement.

It's (Still) Only Women Pols Who Get Judged on Their Family Life
February 17, 2014

The work-life balance of public women has always been fair game for criticism, and it's getting old.

Wendy Davis Waits to Decide About Governor—And the Pressure Builds
August 30, 2013

On Thursday, Texas State Senator Wendy Davis sent out word that she would not be announcing any plans for her political future before Labor Day, as she had originally promised, because her father is in the hospital.

What Wendy Davis Looked Like 20 Years Ago
The famous filibusterer as a Harvard Law Grad in 1993
August 16, 2013

The famous filibusterer as a Harvard Law Grad in 1993.

Sorry, But Wendy Davis Won't Win Texas
August 06, 2013

Democrats have been dreaming of the day when demographic changes might turn Texas “blue,” but it seems like Wendy Davis, the Texas state senator who filibustered an anti-abortion bill in June, is looking to speed up the time table.

It Sure Looks Like Wendy Davis Is Running for Governor
August 05, 2013

Addressing the National Press Club in its wood-paneled ballroom on Monday, Texas state Senator Wendy Davis fended off the same question before she even started her speech, the moment she finished it, and (disguised in different wording) at regular in

The Five Worst Things About Texas's Abortion Law—and Three Ways to Fight It
July 18, 2013

All eyes were on Texas last month when hundreds of orange-clad women flooded Austin to protest an omnibus abortion bill, and state Senator Wendy Davis stayed on her feet for thirteen hours to filibuster it out of existence.

Meet the Next Gun-Loving Governor of Texas
July 16, 2013

When Rick Perry, who has been the governor of Texas for over a decade, announced last week that he wouldn’t run again, he set off a flurry of speculation about who would replace him next year.

The Wealthy Woman Behind Wendy Davis
Amber Mostyn's deep pockets push for women's rights in Texas—and, increasingly, nationwide
July 08, 2013

Now that Texas Senator Wendy Davis’s filibuster has catapulted her to political stardom, Democrats across the state and country are calling on her to run for governor next year.