World War I

Woodrow Wilson's Only Good Choice in WWI Was to Avoid It Altogether
July 07, 2014

Two historians debate America's entry into the First World War. 

Why Woodrow Wilson Was Right to Bet on World War I
July 06, 2014

Germany would almost certainly have won without his intervention.

Historians Fought About World War I the Moment It Began. They're Still Fighting.
July 03, 2014

From almost the opening shot, the Great War has been fought over by historians wishing to interpret and understand what happened and why. Their conflict is not over yet.

Even Rebecca West Had Trouble Reading Henry James
April 15, 2014

But she still got a lot of pleasure out of it.

President Obama Gave a Terrible Speech Celebrating World War I
Whatever happened to opposing wars that should never have been authorized?
March 26, 2014

The Bad Speech To End All Bad Speeches.

Germany Looks at Russia and Ukraine and Sees 1914
March 13, 2014

World War I analogies are everywhere in the German press.

Will the Next World War Start in the Middle East?
January 25, 2014

Richard Evans on who caused WWI, the best books to read on it, and whether the modern Middle East will spark the next World War.