Not All The Terror In The World Is Muslim. But “99.44%” Is. Sort Of Like Ivory Snow.
April 01, 2010

Maybe you remember Ivory Snow. Maybe you don’t. In any case, this is not about soap. It’s about murder, mass murder. Benny Morris has written, for next week’s hard-copy edition of TNR (available in this space some days thereafter), a review of a book by a Kremlin diplomatic hack named Yevgeny Primakov. It is called Russia and the Arabs. Morris proves that even a mendacious writer sometimes inadvertently tells the truth.

“Waiting On A Sun King”
April 01, 2010

This is not my characterization of Barack Obama. It is the FT’s. And it is not exactly meant to evoke admiration. Now, the truth is that the Financial Times as an institution is quite sympathetic to most of Obama’s foreign policy tropes and positively dizzy about his views on Israel and the Palestinians. But Edward Luce and Daniel Dombey, who wrote their assessment on the highly respected daily “analysis” page, fully grasp that the president has nothing very much to show for all his own diligence and attention to detail.

Obama Leads The Passover Seder
March 28, 2010

I wonder who is going to edit the Haggadah Shel Pesach, the text used to introduce and accompany the White House Passover meal, over which Barack Obama will preside when he returns from his trip to Afghanistan.  This, of course, was the golden opportunity to tone down the cacophony of his nasty disagreement with Bibi Netanyahu by going to Jerusalem and celebrating the seder there instead.

Who Really Killed Mahmoud al-Mahbouh? More Queries On the Dubai Assassination.
March 27, 2010

Well, everything--especially the conclusions--point to Israel. But what would you not believe about the Jewish state? And, what’s more, about the Jewish people, who have the temerity twice each year--once on Yom Kippur and twice on Passover--actually to pray for “next year in Jerusalem.” The very chutzpah. This is especially chutzpadik for American Jews who know just how much President Obama wants them to cut out all this shit about Zion and other immemorial aspirations so that he can get the Palestinians to participate in “proximity talks” with Israel.

More on General Petraeus: An Honest Man Comes to his Own Defense
March 26, 2010

From the Horse’s Mouth: Petraeus on Israel Posted by Max Boot on March 25, 2010 Back on March 13, terrorist groupie Mark Perry—a former Arafat aide who now pals around with Hamas and Hezbollah—posted an article on Foreign Policy’s website, claiming that General David Petraeus was behind the administration’s policy of getting tough with Israel.

A Gaza Jihadi Group Wishes the Jews a Happy Passover
March 26, 2010

Read this carefully. Read it for its theology and for its moral charms.  Maybe someone could slip it to the president. From MEMRI: On March 20, 2010, the Gaza-based Salafi-jihadi group Jama'at Al-Tawhid wa'l-Jihad (JTJ) issued a communiqué on the recent confrontations at the Al-Aqsa Mosque and on the Israeli declaration of holy places in Hebron and Bethlehem as national heritage sites. The communiqué focuses its fire primarily on the Arab regimes, "the 'ulama of evil," and Hamas and the Muslim Brotherhood, all of whom the JTJ attacks for having betrayed the cause.

Obama Won't Let Go. The Joys of Beating Up on an Ally.
March 24, 2010

I don't really know how the meeting between President Obama and Prime Minister Netanyahu went. But a grim early story in the New York Times tells us that it was "tense." One fact we knew already before the White House encounter was that the president's echo in all of these matters, Hillary Clinton, addressed AIPAC with the emptiest reassurances that Israel's real security will be assured in any American design for a peace agreement. But there were actually two deep disenchantments, aside from the basic one. And the second has to do with Iran. Hillary denounced the Tehran regime, alright.

Surprise: "Indonesia Considers Removing Obama Park Statue"
March 23, 2010

This didn't make news in America. But it certainly made news elsewhere,
and especially in Asia.

And Now We Hear From the Foreign Minister of Luxembourg
March 22, 2010

We hadn't heard from Jean Asselborn, the foreign minister of 
Luxembourg. But the European Union was still meeting in Brussels, and the Baroness Ashton was still talking.

 Asselborn wanted to be heard. So he was. He told the government of Israel
that “Jerusalem is not Tel Aviv.” Doesn't the foreign minister understand that Luxembourg is
nothing? Nothing but a footnote to the emerging nothingness of the E.U. itself.

‘Galacticos’ in Hell
March 22, 2010

It has become a sign of spring: as swallows crowd the sky over Madrid, Real is eliminated at the knock-out stage of the European Champions League. Yet again, the richest club in the world has spent obscene amounts of money with the sole intention of winning the most important club competition in the world, but on March 10, they were knocked out from the last 16 for the sixth year in a row (in 2003, they were eliminated from the last eight). This time, they were brought low by Olympic Lyon, who beat them at home and tied them in Madrid.