Stop Resurrecting Dead TV Shows!
July 01, 2014

"Community" is coming back for a sixth season (and maybe a movie). Yahoo should have let it rest in peace.

Mark Zuckerberg’s Cynical, Necessary Washington Strategy
May 06, 2013 is playing a familiar game to get immigration reform passed.

Finished With Taxes? Not Even Close
January 06, 2013

With two new fiscal fights approaching, Republicans want taxes off the table.

If Avis Is Smart, It Won't Stop With Zipcar
January 04, 2013

Avis buying Zipcar was a no-brainer. But what should it do about the next generation of car-sharing startups?

Do Photographers Need Instagram More Than It Needs Them?
December 19, 2012

Professional photographers were horrified by Instagram's new plan to sell their photos, but quitting is easier said than done.

Who Wins When “Student” and “Athlete” Clash? The University.
October 09, 2012

Ohio State disciplined a football player for tweeting the truth about athletes and classes.

Has Obama Fixed His Likely Voter Problem?
September 14, 2012

Despite the enthusiasm generated by the Democratic National Convention, there remains evidence that a slightly large gap between registered and likely voters continues to persist. On average, likely voters surveys conducted since the conclusion of the DNC show Obama leading by 3.3 points compared to registered voter surveys showing Obama ahead by 6.3 points.

Why I'm Rooting for Marissa Mayer
July 23, 2012

The Washington Post ran a provocative essay this weekend by journalist Sharon Lerner, who wrote to complain about the media attention to new Yahoo! CEO Marissa Mayer’s pregnancy. She also made a lot of compelling observations about the serious problems many lower-income mothers face after giving birth, from a lack of quality childcare to jobs that offer no paid maternity leave. But in framing her piece as a rant about our “obsession with the work-life dilemmas of the rich and famous,” Lerner lost me.

Inequality Home Movies
May 05, 2012

I've been a bit erratic lately in my blogging because I've been running around a lot to publicize my new book (and will be running around a bit more next week to do the same).

Why Are Telecom Companies Blocking Rural America From Getting High-Speed Internet?
April 17, 2012

Located halfway between the state capital of Columbia and the port city of Charleston, Orangeburg County, South Carolina is among the more geographically blessed areas of the country. It’s also one of its poorest. Over a quarter of its population lives below the poverty line, with a per capita income of $17,579. And this is poverty of a particularly stubborn sort.