The Ten Baddest Elizabeth Warren Clips Out There

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The Ten Baddest Elizabeth Warren Clips Out There

As chronicled in Noam Scheiber's cover story this week, Elizabeth Warren's unapologetic populism and intellectual credentials have endeared her to those on the left looking for a champion. But it is her aggressive hearing-room cross-examination style—captured in a slew of video clips that quickly went viral—that have bonded her to the Democratic left.

Here's an assortment of her greatest rhetorical flayings, barn-burning rants, and cable news cross-examinations:

Just after announcing her 2012 Senate candidacy, she talked rings around Joe Scarborough on his own show:


On the eve of October's government shutdown, she openly derided Republicans on the Senate floor:


Early in her tenure as the senior senator from Massachusetts, she doggedly questioned Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke on "Too Big to Fail" banks:


Warren has proven herself formidable on both ends of the congressional podium; as head of the TARP oversight panel, she was accused by Republican Rep. Patrick McHenry of "making up" a prior scheduling conflict during questioning. The look on her face is pretty priceless:


As reported in Noam's article, one of Warren's legislative hobby horses is government's student loan policy. Here she is grilling Sallie Mae on profiting from the loans:


And she doesn't just dismantle hosts on the morning shows! As a guest on CNBC, she dismantled her questioner's arguments on financial regulation before anyone even had time to change to a better channel:


We had to include this one--the impromptu speech from a campaign event that turned her into a liberal dream candidate and helped launch the "You didn't build that" meme:


Tim Geithner was thought to oppose her candidacy to head the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. After a shakedown like this, who could blame him?


And if the previous clip seemed a little too gentle...


And finally, she wondered at her very first Senate hearing why so few Wall Street banks are ever taken to court:


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